One little word

My word for 2011 is...

Discover what its like to...

eat healthier
- no McDonalds or anything "drive thru" since the beginning of December 2010!
- no more diet coke since February 2011

join in more

play with my children
 - spent many days and nights playing boggle, pictureka and swimming with the kids on our summer holiday

go on a date night

enjoy exercise
- have been walking with a friend
- joined water aerobics and boy it was fun!!

keep a tidy house
- clearing out rooms of clutter one at a time
- maintaining kitchen, dining and lounge areas
- catching up on my laundry one load at a time

create a sanctuary for my family
- working hard to make our home beautiful and functional
- work has begun on repainting living areas

spend time in the garden
- worked out a plan with hubby to beautify our backyard

be organised

use a planner

save money
- came home with cash in our wallets and bank account after our holiday!
- cut back on general spending

discover my business' potential
- set up an acct with an international manufacturer so that I receive the newest product a bit sooner

find out more about myself
 - began personal blogging...feeling great about sharing

believe in myself

grab hold of great opportunities
- submitted my blog to Aussie PR Friendly blogs
- joined The Soup

pursue social activities
- hosted a chef's toolbox cooking party

find balance

find contentment

live my best life possible!

What's your word for 2011??

picture taken at Murrumbateman, Nov.10

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