Mood Board Monday

What is a mood board?
Have you ever torn inspiring images and words from magazines and stuck them on an actual pin board? If so, you've already created a mood board! A mood board is a visual representation of all the things that you love, dream about doing or owning, or perhaps just inspire and motivate you. It can represent a mood, an atmosphere or a feeling.  In the case of Mood Board's a digital representation of a weekly theme.

What is Mood Board Monday?
Each Monday, I will launch the new theme on the Life as we know it blog. Mood Board Monday is only limited by your imagination, and the themes can be interpreted across many blogging genres. You're encouraged to create your own inspirational mood boards based on the theme for your own blog; then add your blog post's link to the bottom of the relevant post here. I will also share the following week's theme so that you can prepare your posts ahead of time and schedule them. Let's get inspired!

How do I create a mood board?
You don't need to be a creative genius to create a mood board. There are plenty of free online programs out there that you can use! My favourites include PicMonkeyPolyvoreOlioboard, and My Deco. If you feel confident using photoshop, why not give that a go! If all else fails, post the images directly into your blog. Your blog post will act as a mood board. This article explains what makes a great mood board...definitely worth a read.

You can plan your mood boards in advance! At the end of each post, I will reveal the next theme. Alternatively, stay tuned to this page...the themes are listed below. I will be adding a few themes at a time so that you can plan your posts.

Who can join in?
Mood Board Monday is open to everyone. The challenges are broad, and will appeal to bloggers of every niche. eg. "Floral" could suit blogs covering home decor, fashion, food, craft, travel, tattoos, art, gardening, and much, much more.

How can I join in?
  1. Create a mood board based on the week's theme, consisting of at least 5 images.
  2. Blog it! Your blog post title should read Mood Board Monday | (theme)
  3. Remember to add the Mood Board Monday button to your post (see below)
  4. You can publish your Mood Board Monday at any time during the week, not just on a Monday :-)
  5. You must include links/credits for your images to the original sources...not just to pinterest.
  6. The Mood Boad Monday blog link will be open from 6am Monday, and close 11.55pm Sunday each week. Please link your actual post url, not your blog url.
  7. You may copy the blog link code and add it to the end your own blog post as well. That way, your readers can play along too.
  8. Comment love to other blogs linked to Mood Board Monday is greatly appreciated.
  9. I reserve the right to delete any links that aren't relevant to the theme.
  10. If you're experiencing any issues linking up, please contact me.
  11. Share, share share! Use the hashtag #moodboardmonday where you can.
  12. Most importantly...have fun! You don't need to be a whiz at graphic design to take part. This is an inspirational link up.
Previous Mood Board Monday challenges
  • 19/08/13 - Floral
  • 26/08/13 - Geometric
  • 02/09/13 - Black and White
  • 09/09/13 - Green
  • 16/09/13 - Neon
  • 23/09/13 - Metallic
  • 30/09/13 - Hexagonal
  • 07/10/13 - Taking flight
  • 14/10/13 - Tropical
  • 21/10/13 - Neutrals
  • ...just a wee break...and we're back with...
  • 02/12/13 - Coral
  • 09/12/13 - Industrial
  • 16/12/13 - Reflective
  • 23/12/13 - Festive
  • 30/12/13 - Time
  • 06/01/14 - Typography
  • 13/01/14 - Light
  • 20/01/14 - Stripes
  • 27/01/14 - Gemstone
  • 03/02/14 - Destination
  • 10/02/14 - Galaxy
Do you still have questions about Mood Board Monday? Contact me!

Grab the Mood Board Monday button for your blog!
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