About Us

This is the bloggy home of the Warren family. We’re your average family of four, attempting to figure out the day to day stuff. Together we’re seeking to discover the best life possible, and getting a little crafty along the way. Join us as we strive to create an organised and inspiring home; raise two confident and happy children; fumble our way through parenthood, whilst working on improving ourselves as adults too…the tears, the triumphs and everything in between.


Lisa...aka wifey, mummy and blogger. Obsessive scrapbooker and picture taker, frustrated interior designer and baker of yummy treats.

Andrew...aka hubby and daddy
Avid fisherman, tong master, long suffering supporter of the Parramatta Eels and IT guru extraordinaire.

Seth...aka son and stinky pants; vintage 2003
Player of hand held game platforms, watcher of movies repeatedly, enthusiastic footballer and teller of "hilarious" jokes.

Emeline...aka daughter and smelleline; vintage 2005. Prone to twirling and dancing, scrapbooking protege, wearer of pretty things and often found rummaging through mummy's makeup bag.

Our scruffy mutt, Marley Hindmarsh Warren (because dogs need middle names too apparently), completes the mix.

"life as we know it..." has been our bloggy home since February 2007.  As chief blogger, I write from the heart. I'm striving to create a blog that is inspirational, relevant and relatable...with a bit of fun thrown in for good measure.  Feel free to drop us an email any time.

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