Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wordless Wednesday...sort of...

It's been an age since I've updated my blog. Life has been incredibly busy and something had to give for a little while. Wordless Wednesday sounded like the perfect way to ease myself back into blogging. Here's a little going on in this world at the moment...

Watching: How to get away with murder
I caught the first episode last night and I'm completely hooked already! Bring on next week.

Listening: Laura Branigan
The other day Seth asked me if I knew what Ti Amo naturally I burst into song (cue puzzled look on his face)! Since then I've been craving some Laura power ballads. She had such a great voice. Taken way too soon. Her music lives on forever.

Reading: The Vale Girl by Nelika McDonald
Not so much reading going on yet, but it's the next one to open on my bedside table. Sounds intriguing yes...
"If you leave no trace, nobody could say later whether you were even there at all."
Fourteen-year-old Sarah Vale has gone missing in the small town of Banville. She's the daughter of the town whore so no one seems particularly concerned.
No one cares except Tommy Johns, who loves Sarah Vale with all the unadulterated, tentative passion of a teenage boy. He galvanises the town's policeman Sergeant Henson and, together, they turn the town inside out, searching for the lost girl.
A delicate and layered exploration of secrets and lies, forgotten children and absent parents, and the long shadows of the past.

Sending: kids off to school!
We now have a high-schooler in the house, and he's taken to it like a duck to water...even if he did lose his bus pass the day it was handed to him. Eme is now in the senior campus and loving it! Much relief.

Playing: Becky Higgins Project Life app
Project Life has always interested me, but I could never imagine myself doing it as a photo a day thing. Becky's app has really simplified it for me! Snap a few photos, and scrap them within seconds. So easy. It's really reinvigorated my love of scrapbooking. So much so, I've actually pulled out the paper and scissors again.
Planning: Our dream kitchen!
Think Hamptons...white cabintery, black tapware and handles, stone benchtop and classic white subway tiles. The measurements have been taken, the plans have been made, and product sourcing has begun. I can't wait to take a sledgehammer to our old kitchen!!! Here's the moodboard I shared with our kitchen designer.

Tell me, what's going on in your neck of the woods?

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