Monday, March 31, 2014

Mood board | Tina's teal and gold master bedroom

I love interior design, and love it even more when a friend asks my advice for their own home. Tina recently asked me for a little advice about redecorating her new master bedroom. The jumping off point for Tina's new room was a quilt (pictured below, bottom right) in a dark charcoal, with deep teal and gold flourish detail. Tina wasn't sure  whether to go with black or white furniture, or what colour to paint her walls...a pale teal on all the walls, or just a feature? She was finding it hard to visualise it, so here's a little mood board to the rescue...
Choosing the right wall colour
Tina mentioned that she wanted to paint her bedroom a pale teal to compliment her bedding. Dulux's Dewpoint Quarter strength would be a great shade. When you're selecting your paint colour, make sure you look higher up the colour palette to see what undertones the colour might have. Dewpoint is a combination of the blues and greens either side. The darker shade, Little Mermaid, is similar to the teal in her bedding, making Dewpoint a great selection.
Instead of choosing an all matching white bedroom suite, I've opted for a upholstered headboard in a mid grey. Choosing a neutral colour, in a classic tufted style, will allow Tina to change out the look of her bedroom simply by swapping her doona cover in the future. I would pair the headboard with a couple of white mid-century bedside tables. The slim legs are feminine, yet the overall design is a little masculine...great for not alienating your hubby from the bedroom design.

I've selected decorative gold lamp bases with a simple white shade to amp up the luxury in their space. Metallics such as gold and copper are right on trend at the moment, and will compliment her bedding beautifully. As an alternative, Tina could install industrial style wall lamps above the headboard. These particular wall lamps require no wiring by an electrician...simply fix to the wall and plug in.

A rug such as this one, is a great opportunity to add further colour and pattern to your bedroom...a flat weave, in an off-white/gold pattern, reinforces the colour scheme.

Art work
Art work is a very personal choice. I couldn't go past this abstract piece in a simple white frame. The colours compliment the scheme beautifully, and it's a piece that won't date in a hurry.

Bedding accessories
How many pillows are enough on a bed? I like a couple of European pillows, 2-4 standard-sized pillows, and two decorative cushions. Any more than that, and making the bed each morning becomes a major chore. Try two different cushions in different textures. To compliment Tina's bedding, I would add a deep blue textured cushion, and a chevron-striped natural-coloured cushion.

Create a little vignette in the space by adding a decorative gold tray, containing some small black vessels, your reading material, and maybe a little glass dish to hold your jewellery. Done.

Have fun decorating your new master bedroom Tina!

If you'd like me to create a mood board for you, please drop me an email.

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