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The Block Fans v Faves | Guest bedroom reveals

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Welcome Blockheads to the first official room reveal of this season on The Block! Each and every season, the couples have been presented with a seemingly impossible space to work with, and time and time again they manage to deliver. I'll be honest. This week I was worried. This is the first time in Block history that the couples had absolutely no walls to work with as a starting point. Every space, every measurement is purely up to them. I think this has been the most anticipated room reveal to date!

Judges Neale Whitaker, Shannya Blaze, and Darren Palmer are back on The Block this year, with the unenviable task of judging the rooms. This time however, they weren't advised whose room belonged to which couple. Love that twist! It totally put all of the couples on a level playing field.
Alisa and Lysandra
If you watched The Block Sky High, you can really see how Alisa and Lysandra's style has developed. This room is mature, moody, and spot on. The twins have really embraced loft style living, incorporating loads of different brickwork, stunning timber feature wall, and bold black staircase, which perfectly contrasts against the softness of the sheer curtains, carpet, and indigo bedding.
The twins have thought of everything for this guest room...ample room to move around, loads of storage (is that a good thing in a guest room don't want them to move in permanently), and a flat screen television so that your guests can chill out in their own space.
Alisa and Lysandra have made full use of the vertical space in this room, installing a lofted study space, with single hanging wardrobe below. To be truthful, I thought the desk area might be too small. I'm glad they proved me wrong. Given that this is a guest room, the space is perfectly adequate. This layout would be perfect for a teenager's room as well.
The elevated study nook features a simple desk, large enough to house your laptop, or perhaps write a postcard or two. The twins challenge lamp creation suits this space perfectly, as does their choice of stool. Alisa and Lysandra's first room was an absolute winner, and definitely makes you want to see what direction they'll take next!
1. Typhoon metal blade fan | 2. Genie Wooden Flare Pendant | 3. Indigo Deer printed canvas | 4. Gap bedroom furniture
Brad and Dale
Brad and Dale's guest bedroom is like a breath of fresh air. The boys have nailed this room, delivering a space that is simple, yet full of impact. The amount of light flooding this space, and the attention to detail is what sets them apart this week.
Brad and Dale have created a feature wall with a floating bed, and built in head board, that is functional and super stylish. The straight lines of the wall are contrasted nicely with all of the circular elements in the room, and free form challenge lamps.
Guests would most definitely feel at home in this space. How wonderful would it be to be able to unpack while you visit. I love the colour of the laminate they chose for their walk in robe.
Showing that the decorating isn't just for the girls, Brad and Dale have selected great decorative pieces for their guest room. Brad's choice of art is outstanding, injecting the perfect pop of colour; while Dale's choice of chair and accessories finish off this space beautifully.
1. & 3. Original artworks by Megan Weston | 2. Airfusion Climate II fan in charcoal
Chantelle and Steve
For these diehard Block fans, now's the time it all becomes very real. Unlike the other couples, Chantelle and Steve created a dedicated study space, with hidden guest bed. The dimensions of this room are smaller than the other couples' guest rooms, and I feared it would be poky and claustrophobic...
With the bed pulled down, there is still ample space to move around. Let's remember, this is a guest space...not a place for someone to move in permanently. There's room for luggage storage, and for their guests to store their things. Beyond it's practicality, this room is interesting and unique, making it a great space to visit.
The clear stand out of this room is the barn door. Handcrafted by their builder Luke; Chantelle and Steve were able to create a wider entrance way, opening this space up so that it doesn't appear so small. This door is gorgeous, and I wonder if there'll be more throughout their loft apartment. I hope so!
Check out that gorgeous blind! A vintage print, printed onto the blind...totally innovative. The blind acts as the art, leaving the beautiful, original brick walls to stand alone as a feature. This was a great first room delivery, and I can't wait to see what they deliver next.
1. Sydney retro poster | 2. Melbourne retro poster
Kyal and Kara
After winning this week's lighting challenge, Kyal and Kara had a lot to live up to. This Sydney couple are proving to be a force to be reckoned with, with skills and creativity in abundance. Their first room delivery didn't disappoint...featuring soft sorbet colours, natural timbers, and of course, their winning lighting challenge pendant lights. How long until we see something similar on the market?
Kyal and Kara have styled this room thoughtfully, making this space feel very welcoming. The roman blinds installed on the sliding door allows for privacy, and for loads of light to fill the room.
Like Brad and Dale, Kyal and Kara created a large walk in wardrobe. This is smart thinking...should the new owners not need a guest room, they have an additional bedroom that is large enough for every day living.
Unlike all of the other couples, Kyal and Kara installed bluestone tiles with underfloor heating...a feature they'll be carrying through their apartment. Given the cool Melbourne climate, this could be a winning feature for a buyer. Kyal and Kara have more than delivered for their first space. Bring on the next reveal...this couple definitely makes you want to see more.
1. Artwork by Christopher Cayetano | 2. Things I Love by Megan Morton | 3. Gypsy by Sibella Court | 4. A Place Called Home by Jason Grant | 5. Copper round mirror 
Following the blind judging, Alisa and Lysandra come out the clear winners, further cementing their place on The Block. Which room is your favourite? Do you have a favourite couple yet?
With the first room done and dusted on The Block, it's onto reveal number two...a bathroom, laundry, and outdoor terrace! Hold onto your hats's going to be a bumpy ride!!

ps. Speaking of laundries...stay tuned for later this week when I give away a Panasonic front loading washing machine to one lucky reader!

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