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The Block Fans v Faves | Bathroom, laundry and drying terrace

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Week 2 on The Block, and the couples have hit the ground running. Bathroom week is always difficult to pull off. Add in a laundry and drying terrace, and you've got guaranteed drama. Once again, the couples had complete control over the dimensions and layouts of these spaces. Miscommunications with the builders as to drainage placement, the installation of external doors, and a failed screed that had to be replaced before waterproofing; all looked like derailing the reveals this week, but all the couples delivered gorgeous spaces!

Brad and Dale
Brad had mentioned all week long that Sophie and he had won bathroom week on The Block before...no doubt to remind Alisa and Lysandra that they weren't the only ones who could create a knock out bathroom...or perhaps it was to boost his own confidence. In any case, it paid off with a very impressive win! I'm absolutely loving Brad and Dale's pared back style this season. Their simple decor, and attention to detail is what really sets them apart.
Like all of the couples this week, Brad and Dale have gone with an oversized grey tile, though this is where the similarities end. Brad and Dale have created an open bathroom, with loads of space, thanks to their brilliant idea of moving the laundry into the hallway of their loft apartment. This simple change has allowed them to install a decent sized shower and vanity.
Brad and Dale were also the only couple to include storage in their vanity...and you know how the judges love a functional space full of storage. The yellow and black towels add a really nice pop of colour too.
Above the vanity hang two natural wood pendants. The circular shape and wood tone is a great contrast to all of that grey, and ties in the timber vanity.
Brad and Dale have kept their outdoor terrace simple yet functional. An outdoor shower adds a little luxury to this space, and gives the opportunity to their buyer to bathe indoors or outdoors, dependent on the unpredictable Melbourne weather. Love that they thought to install an outdoor tap to allow for cleaning and plant watering without needing to turn on the shower.
Placing a laundry in the hallway is a fantastic, space-saving idea. For a small area, Brad and Dale have managed to include a full laundry tub, washer, dryer, and loads of storage...all neatly concealed behind bi-fold doors. It's a winning idea, and the judges thought so too!
1. Malmo pendant in natural wood | 2. Hanging garden planter globe | 3. LEDlux Vice triangle up/down exterior light | 4. Reece Axa above counter basin | 5. Beacon Sentinel adjustable wall light | 6. Reece Mizu Drifter overhead shower | 7. Reece Mizu Bliss shower mixer | 8. Reece Mizu Bliss extended basin mixer
Chantelle and Steve~
I really want to like Chantelle and Steve's style, but I feel they're still finding their groove. I like some of the ideas, but it doesn't seem to gel together. I cannot even begin to imagine how they must be feeling (floundering comes to mind). I don't feel like they made the best use of this space. The bathroom is small and lacks storage, however the vanity styling looks great and would probably suit a powder room, more than a full bathroom.
Chantelle and Steve were blessed with the largest drying terrace to work with, and they had some great ideas here, but the styling let them down. The timber bench spans the width of the terrace, giving them space to plop down the washing basket, or to have a lie down in the sun.  Chantelle and Steve included a outdoor table and chairs, butted up against the bench seat. To me, it should have been one or the other. This space is too small to entertain in, and seating for multiple people really isn't necessary. Given that the terrace is just off the guest room/study, it could make a good break out area where your guests could have a cuppa in the morning without disturbing the rest of the family.
The most impressive piece in the space is, without a doubt, the handpainted mural. The artist has done an amazing job, and it looks like it's always been there. The terrace as a whole reminds me of the roof top of a Brooklyn apartment...it's just missing the skyline view. One giggle...the styling. I'm still not sure why they thought to hang a lacy bra on the washing line?
Chantelle and Steve's laundry, like Brad and Dale's, is behind closed doors, however it's located within the bathroom area. So far, it seems like Chantelle and Steve are creating a small apartment. Their guest room/study was much smaller than the other couples, and now their bathroom/laundry appears the same. I do hope their next space is more open.
1. Targa pendant light | 2. Reece Sussex Scala toilet roll holder | 3. Reece Sussex Scala single towel rail
Kyal and Kara
When they first showed Kyal and Kara selecting the grey hexagon tiles, I had seriously high hopes. Those tiles are super stylish, and I think they may need to find a home in the Warren house somehow. There is no doubt that Kyal and Kara have style, however they seemed to stumble a little this week. One of the key features in any bathroom is storage...whether that's closed storage within a cabinet, or bench space...it's an essential. This bathroom doesn't have any storage at all. If only they'd built in a mirror cabinet. They would have achieved the same look, but there'd be space to put things away.
Kyal has proved himself to be an excellent builder, and the bulkhead detail in the bathroom is proof. It definitely adds to the sense of drama in this space. The major let down in this bathroom is the shower size. It's so small, I'm sure a grown man wouldn't fit. I hope they have the opportunity to rectify this down the line. This room has so much potential...it just needs a few little tweaks to get it over the line.
Kyal and Kara have also included their laundry within the bathroom, however only enclosing the appliances behind closed doors seems to make this space feel a little bigger. The judges commented that the laundry and bathroom sides of the rooms don't seem to go together, and I tend to agree. Perhaps if they'd used grey doors, it might have worked better.
Oh dear. The judges absolutely caned Kyal and Kara for their drying terrace. I honestly don't think it's too bad. Perhaps if the timber feature covered the entire wall, or if they included a small washing line, and timber storage box. This was a really difficult space to design, and unfortunately the judges felt they missed the mark. Hopefully they can redeem themselves as the Super K next week.
1. Reece Hydrotherm Milano swivel heated towel rail | 2. Reece Milli Axon basin set | 3. Harbour light adjustable wall spot | 4. Reece Alape Unisono counter basin
Alisa and Lysandra
I am loving Alisa and Lysandra's playfulness and vibe this season! They have relaxed big time compared to last season on The Block, yet their ideas keep on flowing. Their bathroom and terrace certainly look enticing, however the judges were critical of a number of elements, that I tend to agree with. The pendant light...unfortunately it's hung too low, placing anyone standing at the mirror in a dark shadow, which isn't ideal for fixing one's face. Perhaps if it were hung in the corner as a feature, with additional lighting installed for everyday use, it might have worked better.
As a stand alone feature, this outdoor shower is an amazing space. The metal screen roofing is outstanding, their choice of tile is very striking, and the potted trees make this a really inviting space. Unfortunately, this being Melbourne, an outdoor shower is a complete risk. Given that Alisa and Lysandra's bathroom only contains a basin and toilet, they've essentially reduced their sale-able bathrooms from 3 to 2.5. I hope it doesn't cost them come auction time.
Here's that pendant light from another view point. The bulkhead feature installed in the bathroom is beautiful, and lends itself nicely to the loft vibe. Maybe just move that pendant over to the right hand side corner.
I love seeing the apartments come together, and how one space flows into another. Alisa and Lysandra have created a beautiful guest room and terrace. I know their buyer will be purchasing a quality apartment, packed full of innovative ideas, and considered styling. Who knows...maybe they'll like having showers outdoors in the middle of winter. Talk about a refreshing start to the day!
1. Angus and Celeste Round Jelly Planters (assorted colours) | 2. Reece Sussex Pol curved single sink mixer | 3. Reece Mizu Drift overhead shower | 4. Reece Mizu Drift metal shelf and soap dish | 5. Reece Alape 360 Circa Vessel
Brad and Dale were awarded an incredible 28/30...very much deserved for their inspiring space. Which was your favourite bathroom and drying terrace?
Next up...the second bedroom, located upstairs...where there's currently no walls, no roof, and the weather is about to turn nasty. How will the couples go? Stay tuned...

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