Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January | Photo a day with Fat Mum Slim

To start the year off with a bang, I thought I'd attempt Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge. I take photos every day anyway, so why not use the challenge list as inspiration? Here's our January 2014...
1. Lunch...a simple start to the year following the overindulgence of the Christmas period.
2. Green...fresh green grass, and a colourful pedicure!
3. My town...the beautiful Illawarra, on the South Coast of NSW.
4. Words to live by...courtesy of my fortune cookie. Hey, they may not make sense some times. lol.
5. Found...my love for swimming with the kids.
6. Happens everyday...checking my diaries.Yes, I have two...one for my personal life, and one for my blog posts.
7. Upside down...drying my umbrella after a summer shower.
8. Lucky number...the number eight. There's something about it's curviness and symmetry.
9. Natural...my boy...fresh from waking up. Love his messy bed hair and squinty eyes.
10. Manmade...the breakwall at Wollongong Harbour.
11. Looking down...Eme and Marley enjoying some cuddle time.
12. Colourful...totally loving the felt rugs at the markets!
13. Makes me smile...receiving my course materials!
14. Three things...my favourite home design magazines. Which one would you read first?
15. Black and white...a photo of hubby and I on date night.
16. Sun...loving the light streaming through the clouds while the kids take a late afternoon swim.
17. Tiny...a four leaf clover made on the Rainbow Loom.
18. Happy place...wherever he is. Photo taken on another date night.
19. Breakfast...waffles, bacon, strawberries, and maple syrup...yum!
20. To do list...I couldn't have written it any better myself. Photo taken outside Lorna Jane.
21. Blue...the pretty pot plant that sits on my desk at work, and the only indoor plant I've managed to keep alive...ever!
22. Nice!...morning tea for the big boss visiting the office.
23. Bedtime...this little chicken's routine is all out of whack, and we keep finding her in our bed!
24. My space...I'm sure there's a desk under there somewhere.
25. A taste of summer...getting the school uniforms ready for another year.
26. Fun stuff!..."Our home is girt by seaweed"...the sand modelling competition at Lake Illawarra on Australia Day.
27. Something I bought...the next book on my reading list.
28. Dinner...lasagne and salad at the in laws.
29. Window...the creepiest window display at Pumpkin Patch. Those poor nude, faceless babies.
30. The best invention ever...our homework station, inspired by Katrina at The Organised Housewife.
31. Polka dot...my favourite dress. Yes, I will fit into you again this year!
Now onto the February list. Have you attempted a photo a day challenge before?

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