Thursday, October 31, 2013

How to style your hair into the perfect bun!

I am often asked how I'm able to style my daughter's hair so beautifully for dancing. With end of year concerts just around the corner, I wanted to share my technique with you! Eme has particularly fine hair, and there's definitely not enough volume to create a full bun without a little help. The "donut bun" base has been an absolute godsend, and I will never again style a bun without one. Here's how you can do it too...
You will need:
- bun booster (also known as the donut bun)
- 2 x clear hair elastics (at least)
- bobby pins
- hair brush
- hair spray
- colourful hair accessories

Step one: The pony tail
A good pony tail is the base for every donut bun. It's best to spritz a little water or hairspray through the hair first, so that the hair sits smoothly against the scalp. This is one hairstyle that works better when the hair is a little dirty. Position the pony tail on the head where you want the centre of your bun to appear.

Step two: Thread your pony tail through the donut bun base
Select a donut base that is similar in colour to your own natural hair. Eme and I use a blonde donut bun, however they're also available in brunette and black. They're also available in different sizes, so select one that suits the size of your head, and volume of hair. For dancing, we use quite a large donut bun for maximum impact.

Step three: Fan out the hair
Gently brush the hair over the top of the donut bun so that it covers the entire base. Take the time to brush it across evenly, and then spritz with more hair spray to hold it in place.

Step four: Create the bun shape
Gently place a clear hair band over the top of the bun. This will create the bun shape. If you mess up the top of the bun, simply remove the clear hair band and try again. It does take a little practice, but you'll get it. Give it another spritz with don't want that hair going anywhere!

Step five: Pin it in place
Tuck the excess hair underneath your newly formed bun, and pin into place. Use as many bobby pins as required. For a bun this size, I only use 4, bottom, and sides. Pin through the bun, into the hair on the head so that the two are fixed together. For a nice, clean finish, hide the pins underneath the bun. Once again, spritz with hair spray.

Step six: Dress it up!
You can leave your bun as it is, or dress it up to suit your dance gear or outfit. I have a big selection of lilac and purple hair accessories that Eme likes to choose from each dancing day.
A bun styled this way will remain neat and tidy nearly all day, and is the perfect no fuss up do.  Buns aren't just for little ballerinas...check out how I styled my hair using a donut bun base.

Have you tried using a bun booster before?

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