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Woolworths Aussie Animals trading cards...start your collection now! {and a giveaway}

Last weekend, we were treated to an incredibly special day at Taronga Zoo, to celebrate the launch of Woolworths' collection of Aussie Animals trading cards!
Seth and Eme have always been fascinated by animals; constantly pouring through their animal books at home, checking out the pictures and learning every aspect of animal life. Woolworths' Aussie Animals trading cards are right up their alley. Before our tour of Taronga Zoo got underway, the kids were given a few sets of Aussie Animals cards to help get their collections underway. Both kids loved reading the Activity and Collector's Album. Unlike other collector's albums, the Aussie Animals one features loads of interesting facts, recipes, crafts and more...focusing on different animal habitats. Parents will see this as will view it as pure fun! You can purchase a collector's album for yourself at Woolworths stores now for just $5 each, or 2 for $8.
After breakfast, it was time to get hands on! We had the opportunity to get up close and personal with loads of Aussie animals, such as the Spotted Python, and Ringtail Possum (below). Seth was brave, and stroked every animal he could get his hands on. Eme on the other hand, stuck to the cute and fluffy kind!
Next, we headed on down to the Backyard to Bush exhibit, via the Australian Walkabout. The keepers were so gracious with their time...allowing the kids to soak up their knowledge. Seth was full of questions, and at each stop we'd read through the habitat featured in the collector's album. We patted an echidna...going with the spikes of course. They're surprisingly soft, and their underside is all furry. Such gorgeous little animals...
After we met a few more animals, feed the baby goat, and the chickens, we continued our walk. This male emu was very friendly, following the group back and forth. He's been known to follow Taronga Zoo visitors right through the nocturnal enclosure! lol. Did you know...Emus can only sleep for 20 minutes at a time? We also found out that Blue Tongue Lizards are a very helpful friend to have around the garden as they eat snails and caterpillars and other insects and can help keep the population of these garden pests down. They're not poisonous to people or pets, so it's okay to leave them be. The cutie pictured bottom right is the Quokka...a macropod native to Western Australia, particularly Rottnest Island.
Along the way, Seth was on the lookout for Aussie animals which were featured on his collector cards...such as this Lace Monitor (card 45). It was so much fun putting those cards into a real life context! Did you know...these lizards often lay their eggs in termite mounds?
Next, it was onto front row seats at the Woolworths Seal Show! The seals are always fantastic to watch...and it's even more exciting with the prospect of getting splashed!! lol. Zoo Keeper, Danielle Fox (below), features in the Aussie Animals Activity and Collector's Album, and will soon be seen on Disney Channel's "What a life" in October 2013. Talk about having one of the best jobs in the world...
A number of different seals took part in the show, such as Michi the Californian Sea-lion, Marli the Australian Sea-lion, and Mav the New Zealand Fur-seal. All of the behaviours they exhibited during the show, were natural behaviours exhibited in the wild (except for balancing the ball, of course). We were riveted!
Seth's absolute highlight of the day was meeting Miya, the Australian Sea-lion. Some of the photos I took of Seth and Miya together are just beautiful, and you can see in his face, and how gently he's rubbing her belly, he was in love. I got to pat her too, and she was so soft. What a beautiful animal.
Lastly, it was onto the QBE Free Flight Bird Show. This show always blows my mind...the birds are just incredible...following the keepers cues. Pictured below are Billy the Brolga, and a flock of Red-tailed Black Cockatoos. I wish I'd captured the Barking Owl (card 19) during the show because it flew straight at us...his eyes were so huge and yellow! Very intense...and completely focused on getting his feed from the keeper.
We had a fabulous day at Taronga Zoo, and the kids spent the car trip home reading their Aussie Animals Activity and Collector's Albums, placing each of their cards in the pockets, and trading cards with each other.

So, how do you collect Woolworths' Aussie Animals trading cards?
There are 108 Aussie Animals trading cards to collect, featuring creatures great and small. There are nine different habitats to complete, from the bush to wetlands to your own backyard. If that’s not exciting enough, each card has a fun fact about the animal so you can learn something new too.
  • For every $20 you spend at your local Woolies, you will receive one free pack of four Aussie Animals cards.
  • Aussie Animals Activity and Collectors Albums, are very reasonably priced at $5 each or two for $8. The album is packed full of games, activities, fun animal facts...and enough sleeves to keep all 108 trading cards safe.
  • Also available at Woolies are six limited edition cuddly toys – koala, kangaroo, emu, crocodile, platypus and turtle – for just $5 each or two for $8. We have four already, and let me tell you, they are incredibly soft!
  • There is also a colouring-in sheet available in store...simply drop of your completed sheet in exchange for a bonus pack of four Aussie Animals Cards.
Trading cards are now available exclusively from Woolworths for a limited hurry on in to start your collection!

So, what happens if you get double-ups?1
Let the trading begin! Swap them with friends, or try using the Woolworths Aussie Animals Swap Zone on Facebook...and keep an eye out for trading days!

Now, I've got a little something for you!
Thanks to Woolworths and Taronga Zoo, I have a few goodies to giveaway!
The grand lucky winner will win a prize pack valued at $200, including...
  • A starter pack (5 packs) of the Aussie Animals collector cards
  • The Aussie Animals Activity and Collector's Album
  • All six of the Aussie Animals plush toys
  • 1 x Taronga Zoo Parent E-doption
  • 1 x Taronga Zoo families admission pack, consisting of tickets for 2 adults and 2 children
There are also have 3 x runners-up prizes consisting of...
  • A starter pack (5 packs) of the Aussie Animals collector cards
  • The Aussie Animals Activity and Collector's Album
To enter*, simply leave a comment below and tell us...
What your favourite Aussie Animal is, and why?

Good luck!

Disclaimer: We were provided with a family pass to Taronga Zoo, and a selection of Woolworths Aussie Animals trading cards, collector's album, and plush toys for consideration. No money was requested, nor accepted, for this post. All opinions expressed are those of Lisa Warren of the Life as we know it blog.

*Terms and Conditions:
  • Entries must be made via Intense Debate commenting system to qualify.
  • Entries close midnight, Tuesday 1 October 2013.
  • One entry per household.
  • Open to Australian residents only.
  • Total prize pool valued at $230.00 (Grand prize $200.00, plus three runners-up at $10 each).
  • This is a game of skill. The judge's decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Four winners will be chosen.
  • The winners will be contacted by email, then advertised on the Winner's Circle page here at Life as we know it.
  • Life as we know it...will take no responsibility for any delay, loss or damage to prizes sent to winners.

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