Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Weight Watchers Wednesday | Notes on staying positive

Brought to you by Weight Watchers

For the first time in years (um, 20 to be exact!), I embarked on an exercise regime, and I am absolutely loving it! They say that it takes 21 days to make a habit, and I think I'm well and truly past that point. I now look forward to my sessions, even if I am still the quiet, shy girl, waiting for someone to look like they'll take pity on me, and be my training partner for the session. I have chosen to not train with my husband, even though we're going to the same work outs (I'm fairly sure it's not a good thing for a husband and wife to be punching and kicking each other, even in the name of sport). I have progressed from making excuses about not going, and having to take hubby with me for support; to happily putting on my work out gear, and heading off by myself. That's progress people! I give it my all while I'm there, and come home absolutely drenched in sweat!!

So, while I've been exhausting myself at the gym for the past month, I've let the food thing slide. I honestly felt like I couldn't devote the energy to concentrating on both. Not tracking your Weight Watchers points is the quickest way to making bad food decisions. If you don't write it down, does it count? Of course it does. You can't go on living day to day, shoving whatever you like into your mouth, and expect good results. I can feel that I'm getting stronger, and some of my clothes are getting looser thanks to the's just not showing on the scales.
Me: gloved up, and ready for another tough boxing cardio circuit
Over the last month, the scales have been up and down...a lot...not just a few hundred grams. One morning I stepped on the scales and had put on 2.5kg overnight! I was so upset at myself. How could this happen? I'm literally working my butt off, and this is the result! I've spoken to others about it, and they've offered all kinds of excuses for's your period, you're building muscle, the scales are out, maybe they need new batteries or to be placed on a flatter surface? I've heard it all.

Today I weighed myself in the bathroom, where the scales always are. As an experiment, I moved them out into the hallway onto the flat timber floor. The result was exactly the same. We then changed the batteries. Once again, the same result showed up. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my scales. It's me. No more denial. I have to watch what I'm eating. Exercise alone is not going to get me to my goal. There in lies the beauty of Weight Watchers ProPoint plan. It makes you accountable for what you put in your mouth. This plan has been tried and tested by many, many people of the years, and it works! Just do it Lisa.

Now for the graphs...urgh, I hate my graph! That bounce looks massive. In reality, it's a gain of 1.8kg. Andrew on the other hand is doing brilliantly. I am so proud of my hubby, and his weightloss is really visible now. His face has slimmed down considerably, and he's now fitting into clothing that he hasn't worn for a long, long time.
So, here's the plan to get back on track.
  1. Create a menu plan that fits within our ProPoints allocation.
  2. Stock the fridge and pantry with healthy, ProPoint friendly snacks.
  3. Drink more water.
  4. Cut back on diet soft drink.
  5. Continue to exercise.
  6. Acknowledge the way I feel...don't feed it.
  7. Put the scales away until next Wednesday.
  8. Stay positive.
  9. Push myself to do better!
I know that by making those small changes, I will see results. Good results.
What positive health changes are you making for yourself this week?

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