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The Block Sky High | Week 8 Terrace reveals

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I don't know about you, but I'm starting to become a little sad that The Block Sky High is coming to completion! All too soon, the couples will be heading to auction, and we'll have to wait until 2014 for the next installment of The Block. Before that happens, there's still a space or two to reveal. This week, the couples revealed the last of their rooms...the terrace, as well as their "re-do" rooms...the rooms determined by the judges to have been the least successful, and desperately in need of a complete redesign. Let's see how they went...

Alisa and Lysandra
The judges challenged Alisa and Lysandra to redo their Week 1 bedroom, and what a dramatic difference! The twins' style has definitely grown since the beginning of The Block , and the subtle changes they've made have certainly paid off. This bedroom now has warmth, and soul.
Onto the terrace...Alisa and Lysandra delivered a gorgeous terrace, featuring stainless steel, and solid timber furniture, with a matching timber ceiling.
Alisa and Lysandra installed a gorgeous wall-to-wall stainless steel outdoor kitchen, that will please any will the casual bar area. I love that the twins have hung black pendant lights in the windows...the symmetry looks fantastic.
While I really like the look of these hanging chairs, I'm not sure these were the best use of space. This is an entertainer's terrace, and the hanging chairs really limit how many people can chill out in comfort. I would have preferred to have seen a lounge in this space.
Alisa and Lysandra have delivered a really successful terrace area, that is bound to add major value to the property's value come auction day.
1. Samba Teardrop ceiling light | 2. Inside 1/2 dome pendant light | 3. Coast Teak LF night stand | 4. Emma Cleine Sailor’s knot print | 5. Danish desk lamp | 6. Coast Teak LF bed

Bec and George
The judges thought that Bec and George's study from Week 4 could do with an overhaul, and this couple were up to the challenge. The library wallpaper has been removed, instantly making this room appear wider; while the day bed has been replaced by a sleek sleeper sofa. The colours have been ramped up too. This home office / guest room is definitely more user friendly now.
Bec and George delivered my favourite terrace of the week. It's light, and bright, with just the right amount of colour. The grey floor tiles work so well with the stainless steel outdoor kitchen, while the timber really warms up the space. One of my favourite features is the bench butted up against the window...the perfect spot to have a quiet drink and admire the Melbourne skyline.
I really like Bec and George's take on the vertical garden as well. Instead of using a vertical planting system, full to the brim with plants, Bec and George have injected a little Mediterranean flavour by installing a wall of terracotta pots filled with succulents...which are the ultimate low maintenance plant. Even with less mature plants, the pots and frame make a really effective design feature.
To increase the sense of space, and to reflect the view, Bec and George have lined the remaining walls with mirrors. Another great design feature, however I'm going to be picky here and say I wish the middle mirror was the same height as the looks a little haphazard the way it is. Bec and George's outdoor dining table with black industrial chairs was a great choice for this space. Love that there is black all around this area, but it still feel light and bright.
At the opposite end to the bbq, is a lounge area...the perfect spot to retire to after dinner. Love that Bec and George selected a neutral coloured lounge, and added a huge pop of colour with cushions...which can be swapped out as your taste changes. This is most definitely my favourite terrace this week.
1. Como 2 seater sofa | 2. Ethnicraft Teak double dining table | 3. Marias Stool (various colours) | 4. Woven side table (various colours) | 5. Marias Chair (various colours) | 6. Lindon Sofabed (various colours)

Kim and Matt
This week's winners! Oh how I've been waiting for re-do week!! Goodbye crime scene from Week 1...hello calm and serene bedroom that many people will desire. The contrast between the two rooms is astounding. While I really like what Kim and Matt have done with this new room, I do feel that it's missing a little personality. The wall behind the bed really needs addressing...perhaps a statement bed head, or a rendered wall. The colours Kim and Matt have selected for this room are so lovely though...well done.
You can see from the photos below why Kim and Matt won this week. It's an impressive terrace, that's for sure. Loads of space, loads of light, and areas for every type of entertaining. A quite beverage at the bar, or cooking up a feast, perhaps lounging with friends, enjoying a cuppa on the bench, or dining...Kim and Matt have it covered.
Kim and Matt took a risk and installed a projection screen on their terrace. While this gives the space definite WOW factor, I'm not sure I'd want to be sitting on the balcony watching movies, when I have a nice, warm living room just the other side of the French doors. The screen cuts the terrace in half, making it impossible to use the barbeque, and use the screen at the same time. Unfortunately, it's just not that practical. Mind you...the terrace would be standing room only on grand final day!
The circular fireplace is a really interesting choice, and sure to be a talking point. Personally, I would have mounted the fireplace on the window wall, and arranged the lounge so that you could capture the view. I do love how Kim and Matt have styled this space. Including a rug, really adds softness to the terrace.
At the opposite end of the terrace, Kim and Matt have added a dining area...perfectly positioned to view the projection screen if they desire. Adding even more softness to this space are the Cumulus pendant lights hanging above the dining table. Loving this whimsical, yet stylish addition. Congrats on the win this week!
1. Cloud Blue rug | 2. Cumulus pendant light | 3. Florafelt F12 Greenwall Growing Panel | 4. BB-O Bio-Ethanol Fireplace | 5. Therme Designer Heating Panel | 6. Indoor/Outdoor bar stool | 7. Outdoor dining chair

Madi and Jarrod
The paint wasn't even dry on Madi and Jarrod's foyer when the judges requested a re-do, which I am sure they were happy to tackle. Their new and improved foyer is a vast improvement. The original space was begging for a big piece of statement art, and Madi and Jarrod delivered. While I feel the new room is much better, I still think they could have pushed this space further. It does however, fit in perfectly with the rest of their apartment.
Madi and Jarrod's terrace has a light and lovely feel, and those travertine tiles are just beautiful. Jarrod hand crafted the barbeque stand and fridge surround. Unlike the other couples, Madi and Jarrod have postitioned their barbeque to face inwards. Unfortunately, with the hood of the bbq open, it would cut the room in half.
Madi and Jarrod's lounge faces towards the windows, allowing the home owners to take full advantage of the views from the fourth floor. The black chevron cushions and black ceiling fan add a little more drama, and tie in the window surrounds.
Like most of the couples, Madi and Jarrod have included a vertical garden. Having seen quite a number of vertical gardens on both The Block All Stars and Sky High, I'm now trying to figure out where to put one in my own home. The mass planting looks so effective, and really adds that WOW factor.
Madi and Jarrod rejigged their challenge bedhead, and repurposed it as an art installation / plant shelving. I really don't like this piece, but it had to be used somewhere in the apartment. Let this be a lesson to all future Block contestants...think long and hard about your challenge designs.
1. Artwork by Maurice Golotta | 2. Silverado vase | 3. Design House Stockholm Bjork rug

Trixie and Johnno
Trixie and Johnno were challenged by the judges to revisit their dressing room from Week 3. The addition of the mirrored doors, chair and coffee table really work, and definitely improve this space. I wish they'd had the budget to add a plush rug, some artwork, and a marble top for the bench. That would have sent this dressing room over the top!
Poor Trixie and Johnno. Not only did they come last this week, their scores were half of those of the other couples. The judges have been particularly harsh with their scoring of the penthouse, placing incredibly high expectations on Trixie and Johnno to deliver "penthouse worthy" spaces each and every week. I feel like Trixie and Johnno should have been given a bigger budget to be able to create the ultra luxurious rooms the judges wanted...but that's not the game. By week 8, Trixie and Johnno's budget was virtually non-existent, however they battled on, and presented a lovely terrace.
Unlike the other couples, Trixie and Johnno chose a moody grey for the walls, with a paler shade for the tiled floor. The colours really add drama to this space. Johnno showed off his carpentry and welding skills by crafting this beautiful dining table and matching bench seats, which would have cost a fortune to buy new. Unfortunately it looks like they ran out of time to stain the timber...that would have finished it off perfectly.
Trixie and Johnno's "zen" garden was a really wasted opportunity in this space. You can clearly see they ran out of money at this point. What would have saved this space would have been a comfy chair, and perhaps a water feature that ran down the glass separating the bbq area from the zen garden. Alternatively, ditch it all together. I'm so sad that it didn't work out how they'd planned. I hope this little corner doesn't detract from the beautiful work they've delivered in the rest of their penthouse apartment. For the amount of money they spent on glass, tiles, and pebbles, I'm sure Trix and Johnno could have picked up an outdoor arm chair or two instead.
Trixie shopped The Block Shop for the vertical indoor/outdoor garden for the thinking! Trixie really had to make their budget work, and they clearly couldn't afford the expensive vertical gardens favoured by the other couples. Personally, I feel that the scale of these gardens works really well in this space. They don't overpower the terrace at all. Given their budget, Trixie and Johnno have delivered a lovely terrace...whether it be for the penthouse or not.
1. Tomson Arm Chair | 2. Sean Dix Tripod nest table | 3. Carrera Marble coffee table
This week, the couples are working on the exterior, roof top, and building entry for the whole Block! Expect dramas a plenty while the couples try to work together.

So, who delivered your favourite terrace and re-do room this week?

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