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The Block Sky High | Week 10 Ground floor apartment reveals Part 1

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Room reveal night is my favourite hour of television all week, and last night's reveals on The Block did not disappoint. Oh how I wish I could share the challenge apartment floor plan so that you could get a feel for where the following rooms are situated...but that may let the cat out of the bag for next week's reveal! You'll just have to wait. In the meantime, let's drool over the design goodness from last night's show.

Madi and Jarrod - bedroom and ensuite
This week's challenge winners, winning $20,000 off their auction reserve price. Madi and Jarrod delivered a simple bedroom, with a built in bed, which they've painted in their favoured colour...teal. Personally, I don't understand how Madi and Jarrod won this week. Yes, it's a nice room, but this was meant to be a challenge that pushed the couples outside their design box.
The judges commented that they wouldn't change a thing. Honestly, I do find this room boring. Give me some pattern, or a big piece of art, or perhaps a rug. There's plenty of floor space leftover that could have housed a nice armchair as well. The concept of the built in bedhead, and construction are excellent, and I congratulate them on the delivery. I just wanted and expected more from the winning couple this week. Unfortunately, that shade of teal on the bed reminds me of hospital bedding as well...aside from the glittery bronze cushion, of course.
Madi and Jarrod created a lovely ensuite to complete their bedroom...featuring the same grey, white and charcoal colour scheme, with teal bath linens to compliment. The charcoal tile makes this small bathroom feel a little dark. A glass shower wall would have held bring more light into this space. See Bec and George's ensuite below...

Bec and George - bedroom, ensuite and walk in robe
Second place, winning $15,000 off their auction reserve price. In my humble opinion, Bec and George should have won this week. The bedroom they delivered was inspired. They took a negative (the metal beam running through the bedroom), and turned it into a feature. Filling the recessed area behind the bed with photo wallpaper was just genius. It adds serious impact!
This room has style in spades. The geometric rug positioned slightly beneath the floating bed emphasises the fact that there's no feet at the end of the bed. A small writing desk and and upholstered chair complete this room...giving it more function than just for sleeping.
The pops of yellow in the accessories bring out the citrus colours of the wallpaper and add a real zing to this room, don't you think...
I love that the writing desk is positioned beneath a window. It would be lovely to sit and write, or work on your laptop Carrie Bradshaw style, while staring out at the view.
Bec and George's ensuite has oodles of light thanks to the use of light coloured tiles and glass shower screen. This is what Madi and Jarrod's ensuite is lacking. I have enjoyed watching Bec and George's style over the last 10 weeks, and I really think they have a future designing and renovating homes.
1. Ceramic Doe lamp | 2. Bedside table | 3. Tomson Armchair | 4. Desk chair | 5. Forest wall mural
Trixie and Johnno - Master ensuite
Third place, winning $10,000 off their auction reserve price. The instant the judges walked into the master ensuite, Shaynna declared that this what they wanted to see in the penthouse! Harsh really. 1. There wasn't this amount of space to use in the penthouse, and 2. There wasn't the budget. I'm so thankful that Trixie and Johnno had the opportunity to create the luxury bathroom they had dreamed of.
Trixie and Johnno included and open shower cubicle, large soaker tub, and his and her vanities featuring ample storage beneath. The only let down is that there's really no where to place your hairdryer or other products on the vanity while you're using them...a small sacrifice really for a gorgeous bathroom. I do love however, how the toilet is hidden in the back corner out of sight.
In a bold move, Trixie and Johnno created a dramatic feature wall and floor using a patchwork of grey tiles from Urban Edge. They are so incredibly effective in this space and give it huge impact. Another simple touch was the addition of the round black hooks...definitely more attractive than a traditional row of hooks. This bathroom is stunning. Congrats Trixie and Johnno on third place...however I would have given you more points for sure!
1. Countryside tealight | 2. MUD Australia Dome light | 3. Black Muuto Dots
Kim and Matt - Master bedroom and walk in robe
Kim and Matt placed fourth this week, which is a little disappointing considering how lovely this master bedroom is. Even though the design is great, and the finishes are excellent...the judges felt that they'd seen it all before. The challenge apartment was an opportunity to get really creative (without, you know, replicating the crime scene room from Week 1!), and unfortunately, this space would have fit perfectly into their Level 2 apartment instead. Personally, I like it! The pink, blue, and purple colour scheme is really striking...as is the timber feature wall with floating shelves. On first glance, I thought they had two abstract pieces of art in the room, however it turns out that the navy/grey vertical piece is actually a heater! Very smart choice.
The bed itself is flanked by two purple bedside tables, which wouldn't necessarily be your first choice in furniture, but seriously work in this space! So very Matt and Kim. Love the mix of pendant lights hanging in the corner too...I would never have though to combine these two together.
Kim and Matt's master bedroom also featured a light-filled walk in wardrobe...with ample storage, and smart dressing table and chair. I love that they went modern with this space. That purple chair was great choice, and really ties in the purple colour scheme from the master bedroom.
1. JuJu Hat in cerise | 2. Blue Cargo Stone Heater | 3. Glasshouse Candle - Monet's Garden | 4. Retrojan Desk | 5. Keith Melbourne Ellis Full Cover Chair
Alisa and Lysandra - Hallway/entry, laundry and powder room
Alisa and Lysandra probably had the most difficult task this week...create an entry/hallway, laundry and powder room...all while the other couples and tradies were using their space as a major thoroughfare. They were also faced with a design challenge...let's face it, there's not a whole lot you can do to a hallway to make it look outstanding. Alisa and Lysandra chose to polish the concrete floors throughout the three spaces. I love the industrial feel it gives the floor, however I can't help but feel they will be freezing in the Melbourne winter. They also created a series of hanging pendants that would double as an art installation. I think they look fab, but the judges weren't all that impressed. The console table was a really nice addition to this space as well.
The laundry fills another hallway, with wall to wall cabinetry, combination washer/dryer (a great idea if you're short on space), and plenty of bench top area. This is a fab laundry, and looks so sleek. I would have preferred that the washer/dryer was either behind closed doors, or perhaps a black washer/dryer in it's place; to make it even more streamlined. The white stands out way too much as it is.
Alisa and Lysandra's tile selection is really growing on me. I love the rusty metallic effect of these oversized tiles, set against the polished concrete floors, and white fixtures. That sink and mirror combination is gorgeous!
The rope installation was a gamble, and a definite labour of love. Unfortunately the judges didn't appreciate it, and recommended that it be removed straight away. If it was functional in some way, I would probably keep it. As it stands, it just takes up wall space and creates a dust and mould collector. Sorry girls, this one was a great concept that just didn't pay off. Hopefully their kitchen this week will give them a much needed win.
1. Create single pendant in black

Next week, the couples will complete the challenge apartment, revealing the kitchen, dining, and living rooms, as well as two courtyards! They sure have their work cut out for themselves. Sunday night also sees the finale of The Block for this season. Doesn't the time just fly when you're watching your favourite show!?

Which couple delivered your favourite space this week?

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