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The Block Sky High | Ground Floor apartment final reveal

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Well folks...this is it. The final reveal for The Block Sky High! For the last two weeks, the couples have been renovating this ground floor apartment, in an effort to win money off their reserve auction prices. Here's the floor plan they've been working with...

Trixie and Johnno - Living Room
For their final room, Trixie and Johnno created a space that was warm, friendly, and functional...with loads of pops of colour. At first I wasn't a fan of the handpainted mural Trixie and Johnno created, but it's really grown on me. I love all of the furniture choices they made for their living room...except for the television table. I would have preferred to see something a little more substantial...the current choice looks like they've just moved in and couldn't afford to finish furnishing their space. Aside from that one piece...this room is lovely.
Trixie and Johnno's custom built shelving system is just genius in it's simplicity. A series of round poles fixed to the wall, which an be used to house floating shelves, or as a hook. The ends of the poles have been painted in the same sorbet colours used in the feature wall.
A low linen-covered lounge really suits this living room. Being an apartment on the ground floor, Trix and Johnno could afford to create a space that had a more casual vibe, and their selection is bang on. Love the colourful ottomans too.
Beyond the living space, Trixie and Johnno have built in cabinetry that opens to the kitchen created by Alisa and Lysandra. I love the casual, friendly vibe Trixie and Johnno created for their final room reveal on The Block Sky High, and I have so enjoyed viewing their room designs each and every week. It's been an absolute pleasure.

1. Uashmama small laminate bag | 2. Malboro chair
Alisa and Lysandra - Kitchen
With a perfect score of 30/30, Alisa and Lysandra delivered a well-deserved first place winning galley kitchen. I am so impressed with their mix of colours, patterns, and surfaces in this kitchen. It takes serious design skill to combine high gloss black, with white, washed out timber laminate, chocolate brown marble-look benchtops, and polished concrete floors. Shaynna Blaze is right...these girls need to give up their current careers and go into interior design.
This galley kitchen seems to go on forever! So much usable bench space...this really is a cook's kitchen. Love that they've included a variety of seating options...low seating at the kitchen bench, as well as high seating in a bar type setting. Contrasting against the sleek and modern kitchen, is the raw timber light installation...stunning, and just perfect for this space. It really amps up the wow factor.
The raw cut ends and varying levels really make this an interesting piece to view. Congratulations on the win this week ladies...looking forward to seeing how your apartment on Level 1 goes on auction night!

1. Sean Dix Factory stool
Bec and George - Dining Room
Although the couples were working independently this week, Bec and George created a dining area that perfectly complimented the twins kitchen. Given that Bec and George really only had one wall to make any kind of statement with, they have delivered in spades! The feature wall has been covered in an aged-look bronze metal cladding, whose original design purpose is for outside. Repurposing this material for an indoor application was a touch of design genius. No artwork required...this wall, combined with Bec and George's bespoke light fitting, give this space all the impact it requires.

Bec and George's choice of industrial dining table, works so well. Love the raw timber top, and scaffolding legs on wheels. The black chairs with timber seats, compliments this table perfectly, adding just the right amount of contrast.
Bec and George's handmade chandelier consists of a timber base, with pendant lights thread through, hung at different heights. I love that they've used a variety of bulb sizes and certainly adds to it's overall effect. Bec and George were one of my favourite couples on The Block this season, and I hope they do well on the weekend's auction.
1. Marias Chair | 2. Create Single Pendant light
Kim and Matt - Southern courtyard
Tasked with creating a courtyard on the southern side of the building, Kim and Matt knocked it out of the park with this wintery-feeling garden and barbeque area. As the judges stated, it really feels like two completely different spaces...both we just as much impact. Exiting from the kitchen, you're greeted with a large barbeque table, surrounded by bench seating and colourful stools. The wall-hung barbeque is sleek and modern, and further reinforces the industrial vibe throughout this groundfloor apartment.
Seriously, who thinks to use lilac and pale teal in garden furniture? Matt and Kim, that's who. Love the faceted stools.
At the other end of the courtyard is an intimate seating area, with curved flagstone bench seat, and colourful cushions, which pick up the colours in the stools. The mondo grass between the crazy paving looks soft and effective, while remaining low-maintenance. The plantings Kim and Matt selected are just perfect for a winter garden.

1. Keith Melbourne Crystal stool | 2. Outdoor wicker box | 3. Outdoor stool by Feelgood Designs | 4. Knotted bowl - black | 5. Keith Melbourne Latte stool | 6. Knotted bowl - grey | 7. Keith Melbourne Cognac stool | 8. Wallmount BBQ
An outdoor ethanol fire completes this seating nook...not only providing a source of warmth, but is sculptural in design, looking somewhat like a metal bonfire. Matt and Kim have continually surprised me with their designs, and I can see a future for them in the design industry. I think their apartment will be the surprise package on auction day.
1. Haldor Grape outdoor cushion cover | 2. Chippendale cushion | 3. Secret Gate Pewter cushion | 4. STIX outdoor ethanol fire | 5. Lovely lattice cushion

Madi and Jarrod - Northern courtyard
Last, but certainly not least, is Madi and Jarrod's northern facing courtyard. This courtyard is the polar opposite to Matt and Kim's. Where Matt and Kim's courtyard has a definite wintery feel, Madi and Jarrod's feels more like summer in Palm Springs. Loads of timber, succulents, and pebbles fill this space. The custom outdoor dining table and bench seat are perfect for this open space, and the addition of succulents and icebox built directly into the table top are inspired.
The sunny north facing side path features pavers, and astro turf, lined with more succulents...could this garden be any more low maintenance! Another bench seat and fire pit give this apartment an alternative seating area for the occupants, creating a real entertainers delight. Love that Madi and Jarrod have thought practically, and included a collapsible washing line as well. This space is all about form and function. What a view from the ground floor!
The raised timber platform which houses the barbeque table is great space, and the addition of some comfy low slung chairs, makes this a space you'll want to visit often. Don't the succulents planted within the decking look fantastic! Madi and Jarrod have been the underdogs the whole season, and have managed to walk away with $30,000 off their reserve thanks to this week's reveal. Certainly puts them in a great position come auction day.

1. Dish, outdoor ethanol fire pit | 2. Zig Zag Ebony cushion
There you have it folks. The Block Sky High done and dusted. Next stop...the auction results! Tune in Sunday night at 6.30pm for all of the excitement. Here's the reserve price reductions as at the end of this reveal...
Who do you think will win...and more importantly, will you be applying to be a contestant next year?

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