Monday, July 15, 2013

The Block Sky High | Week 9 Exterior, foyer and rooftop terrace reveals

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Finally, the scaffolding has come down, and the exterior of The Block has been revealed! I am absolutely amazed at how this former dreary-looking hotel, has been transformed into a stunning luxury apartment building. There is nothing else quite like this on the Melbourne skyline, and it's bound to have people stopping in the street to admire it's architecture.
The black geometric panels, combined with vertical gardens, are just striking. Will the exterior of this landmark building become the next trend?
This week, all five couples had to work together to design the foyer and rooftop terrace. Obviously this would mean chaos and tension, but the couples got there in the end. When it was revealed that the foyer was to feature red glazed bricks, I was skeptical...however George did an amazing job laying the bricks in a stacked pattern.  The foyer itself is bright, and spacious, featuring a grey floor tile, stunning water feature and enviable artwork.
The landing area of the rooftop terrace features a similar grey tile, more gorgeous artwork, powder room and vertical garden. The more I see the use of vertical space for plants, the more I want one! They look incredibly effective, but I do wonder about the maintenance...
The powder room has been kept simple, yet contains everything you'd need for a quick pit stop. Beautiful clean lines, plenty of bench space, mirror, and lavatory. Let's hope they remembered to put a lock on the door!
Stepping out onto the terrace reveals stunning 360 degree views over the Melbourne skyline. The couples have addressed every kind of entertaining scenario.
Casual seating occupies one corner of the terrace...
while formal seating area occupies the corner opposite. Outdoor heating and a vergola make this an area that can be used all year round.
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A state of the art outdoor kitchen provides the occupants of the Block an area to cater for their guests, without the need to make multiple trips back and forth to your own apartment. Whilst the couples have provided plenty of seating and entertaining space, there is still ample floor space to walk around. Love it!! I wonder if there'll be a booking system for using this space?
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Solar panels have been installed on the roof top as well, to take advantage of the sunlight, and to add towards the building's 8-star energy efficiency rating. Low maintenance plants surround the rooftop terrace, which as they mature, won't overpower the view.
Like I said at the top...there's nothing else like The Block anywhere else in Melbourne. Look at that view!
Just when you were feeling sad that The Block was over for another season, Scotty surprised the contestants with another challenge...a ground floor apartment!! The contestants have been walking past it for the last 9 weeks!
So, it's not over yet folks...two weeks, ten rooms, and a budget of $100,000. Bring it on!

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