Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Block Sky High | All the fun of the auction

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Five couples
Six levels
Eleven weeks
One hundred rooms
and it's all come down to a nail-biting series of auctions...
Tonight's the night! We've joined the couples through the highs and lows, the blood, sweat, and tears on The Block Sky High. Each of the couples have produced absolutely beautiful apartments, and they deserve every single cent of profit...and then some.
First order of business, deciding who goes first! The couples tried to sort out the order themselves, but resorted to drawing positions out of Scotty's hat...
Auction order:
  1. Alisa and Lysandra (level 1)
  2. Trixie and Johnno (level 5)
  3. Madi and Jarrod (level 4)
  4. Bec and George (level 3)
  5. Kim and Matt (level 2)
With the auction order sorted...the couples could focus on the excitement (and stress) of the bidding.
  • Level 1 | Alisa and Lysandra $1,140,000
  • Level 5 | Trixie and Johnno $1,400,000 (highest reserve price)
  • Level 4 | Madi and Jarrod $1,310,000
  • Level 3 | Bec and George $1,265,000
  • Level 2 | Kim and Matt $1,205,000
Here's the results...
Sales results:
  1. Level 1 | Alisa and Lysandra $1,435,000 
  2. Level 5 | Trixie and Johnno $1,605,000 (highest selling apartment)
  3. Level 4 | Madi and Jarrod $1,601,000
  4. Level 3 | Bec and George $1,507,000
  5. Level 2 | Kim and Matt $1,455,000
  1. Level 1 | Alisa and Lysandra $295,000 (highest auction profit)
  2. Level 5 | Trixie and Johnno $205,000
  3. Level 4 | Madi and Jarrod $291,000
  4. Level 3 | Bec and George $242,000
  5. Level 2 | Kim and Matt $250,000
It was close. Very close. The twitter stream was scrolling so fast, I could barely read it! Talk about exciting!! In the end, it came down to only $4,000 separating first and second...
Twins, Alisa and Lysandra, earned the largest profit on auction night...winning themselves an extra $100,000 for their effort! Their total take home prize...a whopping $395,000, and possibly new careers in interior design. Well done ladies!!
What a ride! Eleven weeks of renovating, all boils down to a few minutes during an auction. All of the couples have done really well, profiting over $200,000 each! Not too shabby at all.

Did your favourite couple win?
A massive congratulations to all of the couples for such an entertaining and inspiring series. I can't wait until next season on The Block. Where will the creators take us next?

Relive each of The Block Sky High apartments right here...

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