Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Block Sky High | Alisa and Lysandra's apartment and auction results

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For those of us playing at home...Alisa is pictured left, and Lysandra on the right. I don't know about you, but I still can't tell which twin is which! The twins delivered an absolutely stunning apartment this season on The Block, and their style is definitely enviable. Here's their auction results...
Reserve: $1,140,000 ($1,160,000 less challenge win of $20,000)
Auction result: $1,435,000
Profit: $295,000
Week 1 - Bedroom and ensuite
Week 2 - His and Her ensuites
Week 3 - Master bedroom and dressing room
Week 4 - Guest bedroom
Week 5 - Kitchen
Week 6 - Living and Dining room
Week 7 - Foyer and Laundry
Week 8 - Outdoor terrace
Week 9 - Building exterior, foyer, and rooftop terrace
Week 10 - Challenge apartment part 1
Week 11 - Challenge apartment part 2
Like what you see in Alisa and Lysandra's apartment? Head on over to The Block Shop to purchase Alisa and Lysandra's selections for your own home...
Congratulations Alisa and Lysandra!

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