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The Block Sky High | Week 7 Foyer and Laundry reveals

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Seven weeks have now passed on The Block Sky High, and the couples have finished their apartment interiors! What a wild ride they've taken us on...the drama, the challenges...and the stunning spaces they've delivered. With only three weeks to go, let's see how they tackled the foyer and laundry...
Alisa and Lysandra
This week's winners! Alisa and Lysandra delivered a simple foyer, which on first impression is high on quality inclusions, and colour. The wall to wall Black Wood cabinetry wowed the judges, disguising a plethora of storage hidden behind.
The wall opposite features floor to ceiling mirrors, which reflect the gorgeous timber cabinets when you first step out of the lift. A simple console table, bright artwork, and colourful striped rug complete the foyer. The teal frame surrounding the protea print is a really nice touch.
As far as laundries and powder rooms go...this one is spot on. I love that Alisa and Lysandra have concealed the washer and dryer, creating a neat space for when guests use the powder room. Love the ample storage they've included as well.
1. Fenton & Fenton - Bone inlay frame | 2. Protea by Emma Cleine | 3. Multi-stripe dhurrie runner | 4. Japanese Garden print | 5. Retro Chic Squares rug
Kim and Matt
Kim and Matt have continued the reclaimed timber feature walls in their foyer, complimenting it with an incredible piece of art. It's bold and beautiful...a great selection. You may recognise the timber bench from the screen printing challenge. The tram track print, and teal number suit the look and feel of this space, however the bench appears to be a little out of scale compared to the artwork.
I love the simplicity of this space, with the high gloss cabinetry bouncing light around the room. Two minor criticisms...the addition of a cow hide rug was an interesting choice...animal skins are not to everyone's liking; and the hat rack seems to clutter the space. That would be the first thing to go!
Like Alisa and Lysandra, Kim and Matt have concealed their washer and dryer behind closed cabinets. Out of the two laundries, I prefer this one. I like the placement of the artwork, and it seems less cluttered.

Bec and George
Bec and George were criticised by the judges this week, stating that it appeared to be the foyer of an upmarket office building, and I tend to agree.  Unfortunately, the black rug reminds me of a wet weather safety rug. I would have liked to have seen a console table, or perhaps a chair or two in this space to soften it up. At the moment it just feels like a hallway, not a place to welcome a guest.
The artwork Bec and George selected is stunning though, and totally in keeping with the pieces they have installed throughout their apartment.  The pendant lights hanging in front of the tiled wall are just begging for a console table to highlight below...where do you throw your keys when you come home? The drum stools (which I love) seem lost in this space. I was so disappointed by this foyer. The quality of the work is undermined by it's styling unfortunately.
Bec and George have included ample bench space and storage within their laundry. It's as neat as a pin, and is the perfect laundry. Does it work as a guest bathroom? I'm undecided. As a guest, I don't think I'd want to wash my hands in the laundry tub.
1. Lineare pendant light | 2. Graphic Fan Girl by Sarah Carter Jenkins
Madi and Jarrod
Madi and Jarrod were heavily criticised by the judges for their foyer, and many were left wondering why they were given the same scores as Bec and George. This is just my opinion...the feature wall looks cheap...which I'm sure it wasn't. The grey is just all wrong, and when you view the work close up, the quality just isn't there. Like Bec and George, instead of achieving a welcoming entry way, it looks a little like an office foyer.
The aztec style rug is full of colour...unfortunately the grey just brings it down. They don't gel well together at all. The timber console doesn't have enough substance for the space. Perhaps if there were a couple of classic style ottomans place underneath, it might have worked. I'm also not inspired by the piece of art Madi and Jarrod selected. The content is great...the scale is just wrong. A much larger piece would have suited the space better. Unfortunately, this is my least favourite foyer of the week.
Madi and Jarrod's powder room is where they score all the points! By installing a laundry in the kitchen, this space was free and clear to be designed solely as a guest bathroom. This room really works, and it's by far the best bathroom Madi and Jarrod have delivered on The Block.

Trixie and Johnno
Last, but certainly not least...the penthouse. Once again, Trixie and Johnno have delivered my favourite space of the week. The Prussian Blue tapestry wallpaper is just delightful, and gives this foyer loads of impact! Unlike the other foyers, this entrance is incredibly warm and welcoming. Trixie and Johnno have managed to balance casual elegance beautifully. The side table is perfect for this space, and has substance in spades (unlike Madi and Jarrod's selection). Loving the Spun pendant lights as well. Like I said...perfect.
The judges criticised Trixie and Johnno's choice of rug, and coat rack. While the lattice rug is gorgeous, it's probably a little too casual for the penthouse. Any other floor, and this rug would be a great inclusion. As for the coat rack...I don't mind it. It's probably not something I would ever use, but as an installation, it adds a lot of interest. What I do love, is the artwork on the wall opposite. Trixie and Johnno have selected a piece that picks up the colours of the wallpaper, but in a much simpler design. They compliment each other incredibly well.
Trixie and Johnno's laundry layout is interesting. Unlike all of the other couples, Trixie and Johnno have utitlised the back wall for their laundry. I applaud them for considering the needs of their guests, and installing an actual bathroom sink/vanity to use. You may remember Trixie and Johnno revealing a large walk in linen cupboard adjacent to the laundry. Doing so, has negated the need to have loads of bench space in the actual laundry...simply do all of your folding in the linen cupboard instead. It's a nice laundry and works. Well done!
1. Quercus & Co wallpaper "Prussian Blue" | 2. Quercus & Co wallpaper print "Prussian Blue" | 3. Quercus & Co wallpaper print "Emerald" | 4. Spun pendant lights | Fenton & Fenton "Blooming" dhurrie rug
There you have it...two more rooms done and dusted. Next week, the couples will be tackling their al fresco terrace rooms, and revisiting the worst areas of their apartments (I'm looking at you Kim and Matt, and that nightmare of a bedroom on week 1!).

Which foyer would you prefer to see when the lift doors open...and who do you think created the best laundry and powder room?

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