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The Block Sky High | Week 6 Living and Dining room reveals

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Another tough week on The Block Sky High! Demolition, renovation and decoration of two rooms in one week is hard enough...Scotty threw a spanner in the works, and made the couples' judge each other's rooms to determine the winner! Let's see the rooms...

Alisa and Lysandra
The twins delivered a spacious, welcoming and light-filled living and dining room. There are so many elements in their rooms that I love. As always, Alisa and Lysandra have selected simple, comfortable, and timeless pieces that will be enjoyed for many years to come.
I love the vista from the living area through to the kitchen. It's not overdone at all, yet still has everything you would want in a home. I'm particularly fond of the rug Alisa and Lysandra selected...loads of colour without overpowering the space.
The "Growler" artwork in magenta is such a fun element in this room! It's the perfect injection of colour and humour for this apartment, and I think it would make you smile every time you walked into the room. It'd certainly be a conversation starter at dinner parties.
I'm not usually a fan of glass dining tables, but this one really works! The clean lines of the timber frame really add to the simplicity, and the chairs are the perfect choice. I'm also glad the twins continued with the flooring throughout the main areas. Great design ladies.
1. Adam Cullen Growler (magenta)...also available in blue, orange & green | 2. Baila Spheroid pendant | 3. Pinno floor lamp | 4. Takahashi dining chair | 5. Designer Boys "Love at first sight" print

Kim and Matt - this week's winners!
Kim and Matt's apartment is definitely designed for a professional couple without children. It's sleek, and modern, and earned them the win this week. I do like this space, and there's loads of elements that I like, but I can't help but feel that there's something missing. I guess that's because I'm looking at it through a family person's eyes. I want warmth in a home, and I feel this has been neglected in this space.
The red and grey oriental rug was a great selection for this living area, perfectly coordinating with Kim and Matt's selection of furniture, cushions, and artwork. They've manage to create a conversational seating arrangement that doesn't focus solely on a television.
The pendant lights Kim and Matt selected are gorgeous! They have a real soft, handmade look to them, and I really like the cluster above the dining table. Beyond the table, you can view a large artwork, which is actually a heater! That's an ingenious idea. Hidden air-conditioners have been around for years, but this is the first time I've seen it applied to a heater. It must be difficult to pick a design that you will love year after year...wonder if the front can be swapped out without too much cost?
Kim and Matt have continued the reclaimed timber feature wall we saw a sneak peek of last week in the butler's pantry. In this open space, it really works. Keeping it simple with just a television, and great piece of art makes it work. That dog artwork is just awesome, and I'd love it it in my home. Congrats on the win this week...let's hope the coming week brings less drama.
1. Copine dining chair by Sean Dix | 2. Cumulus pendant light by Curious Grace

Bec and George
Like the twins, Bec and George delivered an open, light and airy living and dining space. The timber flooring they've used is stunning, and adds a real warmth to their home. There's that word again...warmth. Isn't that what everyone wants in their home? I would have liked to have seen some sheer curtains on the windows...however they've chosen block out blinds instead...and with good reason. One of the bones of contention with this space is the projector. If you're a lover of watching films at home, you won't care one bit that the projector is hanging from the ceiling.
The twins thought that the black dining table was a little dated, and I disagree. Given how light the rest of the pieces are in this apartment, the addition of black adds a little drama, and serves to ground the space. I'm glad they didn't select a dark dining chair as well...that would have dated it.
The "Blue Girl" artwork by Sarah Carter Jenkins is my favourite piece of art used on The Block this season! It's just beautiful, and adds a massive injection of colour into this space. It's amazing how much impact, one statement piece of art can make to a room.
Following the judging, Bec and George have finessed their living and dining room. The judges commented at the time that the rug Bec and George used for their living space was too small. I'm glad Bec and George took their advice and swapped it out for a larger rug. It definitely ties the spaces together now. It appears they've also removed the rug from beneath the dining table, which was a great move. Pulling the lounge out from the wall makes the room seem bigger as well. Well done Bec and George...bring on next week.
1. Artwork by Sarah Carter Jenkins | 2. C U C-Me round pendant | 3. Artwork by Lindsay Blamey | 4. Marine table runnernapkin set & placemats | 5. Black & white chevron cushion | 6. Bally sketch

Madi and Jarrod
Madi and Jarrod delivered a beautiful living and dining room this week, and their scores from the judges didn't really reflect it. Check out this view from the lounge through to the kitchen! Madi and Jarrod included a big hit of colour with their dark teal and mint coloured media area and cabinetry.
The judges commented that this lounge was the wrong choice for this space. They didn't feel invited to go into the room and sit down. Personally, it looks pretty comfy and inviting to me. Perhaps the orientation is a little wrong for this room. Swing it 90 degrees, and you'd have a view out to the terrace and towards the television. Done. I do agree that the bench seat behind the lounge is a little confusing and unnecessary.
As with all of the couples, Madi and Jarrod have selected a great pendant light to hang above their dining table. I love the shadows the Lumina pendant casts onto the ceiling.
While the bench seat in the living room was out of place, the low open storage behind the dining table is a really nice addition. I know that Madi and Jarrod have great potential, and their overall apartment has a youthful vibrance that will appeal to many buyers.
1. Lumina cone pendant

Trixie and Johnno
Surprise, surprise...Trixie and Johnno have once again delivered my favourite space of the week. By adding a breakfast table in their kitchen last week, they have been able to create a much, much larger living space. The other couples were confused by their lack of a dining room, but once the terrace is revealed, it will all become much clearer.
In addition to a larger living space, they've included a comfortable reading nook, giving the owners the option stepping away from the general living area and experience a little seclusion. Trixie and Johnno have included so many fantastic custom details in their penthouse, the open shelving that runs around the room is a beautiful inclusion.
Last week, I mentioned how much I liked Trixie and Johnno's study space. This week, it's even more obvious that this was a great completely fits in with the overall design of these spaces. I'm not 100% sold on the lilac artwork though...hmmm. One the plus side...I just love all of those cushions! Is there anything better than lying on the lounge with a tonne of pillows for extra comfort? Trixie and Johnno have included a great mix of patterns and colours for the cushions thrown onto their lounges.
The round marigold rug is just gorgeous paired with the armchair and ottoman. I love the modern take on the floral nanna fabric, and I'm so glad they chose a soft lemon for the upholstery. I'm also pleased that this nook has it's own identity and has a different style to the living area. That rug would look right at home in the Warren house...someone roll it up and send it our way!
Trixie and Johnno selected another great rug for their living area...featuring colourful hexagonals in hues of blue. This is the warmth I was talking about earlier. It's touches like this, that create a welcoming family space.
Trixie and Johnno included their screen print challenge piece of furniture in their living space, and it looks completely at home in the penthouse. I don't know if I'd be brave enough to add paint to such a great looking dresser. Kudos to Trixie and Johnno for showing restraint when styling the shelving. It would have been very easy to pack it full of knick knacks and books.
Last photo...I promise! lol. Can you tell I really like Trixie and Johnno's living space? This room totally belongs in the penthouse. Open, spacious, welcoming, warm, stylish...tick, tick, tick. Someone pass me the cheque book...
1. Skandi 5 drawer dresser | 2. Pacific double vase | 3. Temple jar - denim | 4. Tulip side table | 5. Manana floor lamp

I'll leave you with a quick design of the fattest and most economical ways to change up the look of your living room, is by swapping out the cushions. Here's a few favoured by The Block Sky High couples...available at The Block Shop right now!
1. Cross French Blue | 2. Coral Dot | 3. Le Corbusier | 4. Fluro Necklace | 5. X-cushion | 6. Yellow Silver Birch | 7. Yellow Dot | 8. Scallop French Blue | 9. Charcoal Fennel
So, who do you think delivered the best living and dining room this week?

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