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The Block Sky High | Week 4 Guest bedroom reveals

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Welcome to another reveal on The Block Sky High! This week, the couples were tasked with designing their guest bedrooms and ensuites...the last of the sleeping quarters for their apartments. Being a guest room, the design of these spaces could be a little more flexible...this didn't mean a drop in quality at all though! I kind of wish they'd started with the guest rooms and worked their way up to the master bedrooms so that they well and truly had their design style sorted out! Read on to see the room reveals...
Madi and Jarrod
This week's winners, scoring an outstanding 29.5 out of 30! The judges were seriously impressed with Madi and Jarrod's guest room, and you can see why. The sunny lemon, white, and soft grey colour scheme is thoroughly welcoming, and just perfect for a third bedroom.
Madi and Jarrod selected this oversized Ubabub Sundae print to add serious impact to their space, mimicking the wall colour, and accessories. I just love the sorbet colours (no pun intended) with the mustard punch.
Madi and Jarrod installed a nib wall to separate a small study nook from the rest of the bedroom. Breaking the space up this way was a really smart move. Instead of just floating a desk along the wall, the nib with cut out window, dedicates a space to study, and creates the illusion of a room within a room.
This vista just makes me happy. I'd love to sit on that stylish grey armchair and sip on a cuppa. So much lovely light streaming through that window.
Like all of the bedrooms in these apartments, this room features an ensuite as well. Madi and Jarrod have used more of the soft grey throughout this bathroom, with classic white fixtures.
The shower stall features gorgeous white brick tiles, that add loads of interest and texture to this room. A cut out shelf with LED lights, creates the perfect space to hold all of your shower essentials. It's this attention to detail throughout their bedroom and ensuite that earned Madi and Jarrod this week's win.
1. Ubabub Sundae print | 2 & 3. Emily Green artwork
4. Replica Wishbone chair | 5. Chanel poster (as seen week 3)

Alisa and Lysandra
The twins delivered a beautiful light-filled bedroom this week. Like Madi and Jarrod, Alisa and Lysandra included a small study nook, but that's where the similarities end. In a surprise design move, the twins have installed wardrobes either side of the bed. The judges mentioned that they thought this would close in the room, but instead it made really great use of this long bedroom. The pillow headboard is a really nice touch , and is a great contrast to the timber feature wall.
Once again, the twins have included a statement piece of art in their room...which the judges praised. Neale Whittaker commented that Alisa and Lysandra have developed a beautiful "soft industrial" style during their time on The Block...high praise indeed.
Here's the timber feature wall and pillow bedhead from another angle. Love the black pendants and coral pillows.
Moving into the ensuite...once again, the twins have installed a bath tub in their bathroom, which I'm sure any guest would love.  The Lola pendant light brings the timber features of the bedroom, through to the bathroom, warming up this classic black and white space.
1 & 2 Replica Artichoke pendant lamp | 3. Norway table lamp
4. Tahla Scarlet European pillowcase | 5. Coral throw

Bec and George
Bec and George chose to present their guest room as a home office with a day bed, making this a stand out room this week.  I love it when one of the couples thinks outside the square and presents something different. Bec and George rejigged their challenge bedhead so that it suited the length of their single bed. While it's probably not finished off as well as it could have been, the concept is interesting.
Bec and George installed Library Wallpaper along the length of the room. Personally, I feel the colours of the wallpaper are too warm, and clash with the cool colours of the bedding. The Library Wallpaper is also available in stone, and I think that colour way would have worked better.
While there is a large desk installed in this home office, this space still has the bones of a bedroom, with a large mirrored wardrobe there ready for someone to make this room their home.
Bec and George delivered another beautiful ensuite this week, with a simple black subway tile, installed on a diagonal, making a dramatic feature wall.
A cluster of simple pendant lights hang above the vanity, with a lone yellow vase adding the only pop of colour in this beautiful, yet functional bathroom. Bec and George have proved they know how to do bedrooms and bathrooms...I can't wait to see how the rest of their apartment develops.
1. Create single pendant in black | 2. Round pin board | 3. The Library wallpaper
4. Fly Fly Away Swallows | 5. Reindeer Hide

Trixie and Johnno
Like Bec and George, Trixie and Johnno included their challenge bedhead in their guest room...after a little finessing of course. The rejigged bedhead is just gorgeous! I love how it's slightly asymmetrical, and brings in the black detail of the window frames. The timber shelf/desk extending along the full length of the wall, is simple, understated, and elegant.
Seriously...check out that bedhead! Beautiful. The floating black sidetables are a really nice touch too. I love how Trixie and Johnno have styled the bed as well...crushed pale blue linens, and bold cross pillow.
I also love Trixie and Johnno's choice of art for this room. The doily print was a great selection...adding a nice, feminine touch to this otherwise masculine space.
It's a little hard to see from this photo...Trixie and Johnno installed a spa bath in their ensuite, behind the tiled nib wall. While the couple saw it as cosy, the judges commented that it would feel like having a bath in a closet. I agree. A glass dividing wall would have opened up this space significantly.
As with their other bathrooms, Trixie and Johnno have installed another statement pendant light in their ensuite...this time in green. I love these little unexpected treasures.
1 & 2 Handmade Porcelain Milkshake Cup | 3. X Cushion
4. NUD Collection pendant light

Kim and Matt
I was so hoping that Kim and Matt would include this headboard in their bedroom this week. After the drama of the challenge bedhead being thrown away, I thought they may have been pressured into adding something substandard. The way they have mixed the coloured hexagons on the bedhead is just genius. It takes a serious eye for design to create a random pattern that works this well. Kim and Matt have made great use of the space surrounding the bedroom window, installing a tonne of shelving, storage, and very usable desk space.
Like their master bedroom, Kim and Matt have continued the timber trim and skirting boards throughout this space...framing the bedhead with the same coloured timber, and sourcing bedside tables with a similar timber look and feel.
Kim and Matt have also included their screenprint challenge art piece in the room. I really like this piece. It's a shame they haven't done a limited edition print run...they'd be a great seller!
The hexagon detail continues through to the ensuite, with this effective black and white feature wall. Kim and Matt have a real knack for putting together these features, and adding in accessories such as the vase, and floor basket that coordinate beautifully. Love the pop of blue with the toilet paper...such a fun touch!
The hexagon tiles are repeated opposite the shower, finishing off this gorgeous ensuite. I bet Kim and Matt wish they had Week 1 to do over again, now that they've really come into their style!
1 & 2 Art prints by The Minimalist | 3. Faceture pendant
4. Ruutu sack | 5. Design Stockholm House Block lamp | 6. Luxury coloured toilet paper
7. Faceture vase8. Tetris storage sack
Edited to add...
A reader left a comment regarding the frosted glass doors Kim and Matt have used throughout their apartment, and here's why...

This week's guest bedroom reveals were outstanding, and the couples should be congratulated. After four weeks of bedrooms and bathrooms, I would wager they are busting to get on with the rest of the apartment and try something different. Next week...kitchens, pantries, and bars!! I can't wait to see what the designs the couples come up with for the heart of the home.

So tell me...who's bedroom do you love the most this week?

[Room reveal images sourced from the official The Block website]

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