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The Block Sky High | Week 3 Master bedroom and dressing room reveals

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Wow! What an incredible week on The Block Sky High. Another two rooms, done and dusted. In three weeks, each of the couples have delivered three bathrooms, two bedrooms, and a dressing room each that would have Carrie Bradshaw saying "YES!".
Alisa and Lysandra
This week's very much deserved winners! As soon as I saw the bath tub being installed in their dressing room, I knew they had the win sewn up. Alisa and Lysandra's style is really growing on me, and I absolutely adore this master bedroom, and particularly the concrete wallpaper feature wall. The wallpaper gives the room an urban edge, while the timber warms the space. The twins have gone for a more gender neutral look for their bedroom, with just the perfect amount of yellow for an accent.
The vertical timber feature surrounding the wall-mounted television is just beautiful, with the timber wrapping around the wall to lead you into the dressing room (see image below). The judges were critical of the twins choice of timber art, however I think it works really well! I love that the strands of hair mimic the vertical striped wall. Art is so subjective...what do you think of this piece?
The knockout punch for this reveal, was Alisa and Lysandra's dressing room. In a stroke of inspired genius, the twins installed a luxurious bath tub, sitting upon a stunning timber platform. The new owner will be able to soak while enjoying the view, or watching a little television. As I said, luxury. I love that they've included a dressing table between the mirrored wardrobes. I adore absolutely every element of Alisa and Lysandra's reveal this week. The only thing I would add, would be a large upholstered ottoman or chaise in the centre. It would have finished off this space beautifully. Alisa and Lysandra's style is really starting to grow on me, and I'm looking forward to seeing their next reveal. Can they make it three wins in a row?

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Bec and George
My heart was absolutely breaking for Bec and George this week, with Bec's mum battling her last days of breast cancer. How they managed to continue working on this room is beyond me. The other Block couples stepped up and painted their rooms for them while they were at the hospital, and it's this kind of sportsmanship, and friendship, that should be applauded.
Bec and George delivered a beautiful master bedroom this week, with floor to ceiling padded headboard, and oversized photo feature wall. The colour of the headboard, and frosted sliding glass door through to the ensuite, work so well together...creating a room that is soft and light, with just the right amount of colour. Floating the bed off the dividing wall, allows the bed to face the window, and to take advantage of the view.
The timber path leads you through to the dressing room, which has been fitted out superbly. I'd love the challenge of filling all of that shoe storage! Bec and George have included an ottoman in the centre, which is exactly what I would have like to have seen in Alisa and Lysandra's dressing room.
This space is beautiful. A chandelier hanging above the ottoman would have amped up the luxury value for me, but that is such a small criticism. Bec and George delivered two stunning spaces under such extreme circumstances, and they ought to be congratulated.
Kim and Matt
Kim and Matt have well and truly put "that" room behind them. This master bedroom is just stunning, and beautifully showcases Matt's rendering skills. The concrete rendered walls look as smooth as glass. A bespoke timber platform surrounds the bed, and extends along the wall for the owner to use as bedside tables. It's clean, and seamless, and I just love the simplicity. The timber shelves give purpose to the support poles, while the timber skirting boards are a really nice touch.
Opposite the bed, is another cement rendered wall, which features a framed mirror television, and timber shelf, that wowed the judges. Once again, this vista is beautiful in it's simplicity. As I said above, art is very subjective. While the judges disliked the "floating head" piece of art, I really liked it. It's beautiful and haunting all at once, and it doesn't look out of place in this bedroom.
Kim and Matt installed a timber look wardrobe in their dressing room, with ample shelving and shoe storage. The velvet curtains and chaise at the end of the room are dramatic, which thoroughly suits their room, and personality perfectly. It's unexpected and interesting.
The cluster of pendants hung in the centre of the dressing room is another dramatic touch, which while beautiful, will provide ample essential when you're selecting your outfit. Overall, Kim and Matt have delivered two fantastic rooms, and I'm really starting to love their work. I just wish they had time to redo "that" room as well. Bring on the next space!
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Madi and Jarrod
Like the couple themselves, this room is young and fresh, with just the right amount of quirkiness. The wall to wall sheer curtains look so beautiful, and really soften this space. I love the vintage side tables that Madi and Jarrod upcycled with new marble tops. Like their previous bedroom, they have stuck to a white palette and neutral bedding, with pops of neon colour in their artwork to lift the space.
The oversized Chanel perfume artwork is gorgeous, and works really well in this bedroom. The judges were critical of Madi and Jarrod's use of pine on their feature wall, when you can clearly see a beautiful oak piece in the dressing room. In my opinion, if you are going to mix timbers, make sure they are completely different colours, that way the compliment not clash. I agree with the judges...the pine looks like the poor cousin to the oak. If it were tinted a darker colour, it would have worked. Overall though, this bedroom is beautiful, light and airy.
Madi and Jarrod installed built in wardrobes in their dressing room, with bespoke mirrored doors to hide the dressing room clutter. The custom oak bench in the centre of the room, houses even more storage, and a place to display treasured items on it's surface. The new owner will have no cause to complain about the lack of storage in this space!
A custom oak desk at the end of the room, gives this space an added purpose; while the cluster of espresso drop pendants above the centre island look really effective, and finishes off the dressing room beautifully. Madi and Jarrod seem to be growing in confidence with their style, and I can't wait to see how the rest of their apartment develops.
1. Large Muuto wall dot | 2. Espresso flat pendant light | 3. Espresso cone pendant light
4. Espresso drop pendant light | 5. Philippa Riddiford prints (signed & numbered)
Trixie and Johnno
Trixie and Johnno are one of my favourite couples currently on The Block, and their style is right up my alley. They're not afraid of colour, and they always manage to find that one quirky element to make their rooms unique. This week, it's the artwork...those birds are just lovely! They could have played it safe, and just chosen one, however they have so much more impact placed beak to beak. The grey colour scheme just works...which was a late change to the room. I'm so glad they repainted the blue, even though the original colour was equally as lovely. The yellow bedding is fresh, and sunny, helping to make this room come alive.
Like Bec and George, Trixie and Johnno have floated their bed from the dividing wall, allowing the couple to capture the view. Trixie and Johnno have created extra interest by offsetting a timber frame around the window. The smaller television is a good size for this room, allowing the window to remain the feature of the wall. The inclusion of a leather chair and ottoman in the bedroom is a really nice touch as well.
Trixie and Johnno's dressing room is completely functional, with wall to wall black fitted wardrobes. Missing from this photo is the small desk at the end of the room. That corner looks so bare without it, and I really wish they'd put something there so that the corner has upholstered armchair perhaps?
The judges suggested that Trixie and Johnno replace the island bench top to make this space more luxurious. I agree. A nice marble top would have finished off the bench beautifully. Having said that, Trixie and Johnno have delivered a master bedroom and dressing room that I would love to have. They continue to impress me week after week, with their apartment having a really nice, and livable vibe. Bring on the next reveal!
At the close of tonight's room reveal, Scotty announced that it was tools down...a rare opportunity for the contestants to spend some time with their family and friends, and to allow Bec and George to be with Bec's mother during this heartbreaking time. No matter what happens on The Block, family always comes first.

So, who produced your favourite master bedroom and dressing room this week?

All room reveal images sourced from The Block Sky High

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