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The Block Sky High | Week 2 "His and Her's" ensuite bathrooms

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Week two on The Block Sky High was always going to prove stressful. Seven days...five couples...two ensuites each. "His and Her's" ensuites are a definite luxury, and the pressure was on for each of the couples to deliver two bathrooms, that were not only were equal in quality, but had their own personalities as well. I was hoping the couples would go gender neutral, so as to not alienate any same sex couples that might wish to purchase their apartments. Perhaps they should have been named "double" bathrooms, or "dual" bathrooms instead? Here's the full reveal!

Bec and George - VIC
This week's joint winners with Alisa and Lysandra! This bathroom feels very luxurious. The soft greige tiles (is so a word! grey/beige) feel warm, as does the rustic timber platform the bath is raised on. This is most definitely a woman's bathroom, with ample lighting around the mirror to do one's makeup each day, and loads of storage in the vanity. I only have one small criticism...and this goes for all of the couples who installed a bath. They should have installed a shower bath. Not all women are bath people. I much prefer a shower, which would mean I'd have to use "his" bathroom every morning to get ready. It somewhat negates the purpose of two master bathrooms.
"His" ensuite features a deeper grey tile, giving this space moody, masculine feel. Like their feminine bathroom, Bec and George have installed a vanity with loads of storage, but in a different style, to address the male occupant of this room. The duel shower heads are a really nice touch, as are the frosted glass doors   that enclose this space. Congratulations on the win this week Bec and George! Very much deserved.

Alisa and Lysandra - SA
Alisa and Lysandra's bathrooms this week are polar opposites..."his" bathroom is wall to wall black, while "her's" is bright white and cream. Both bathrooms feature Ecofloor, a natural floor cement covering, which impressed the judges immensely. I think I even heard Neale Whittaker say "Wow!" (massive compliment). This masculine space features a steam shower, setting this room apart from all of the other couples (well, aside from Trixie and Johnno of course). This is a gorgeous bathroom, and the twins definitely deserved to share the win with Bec and George.
Alisa and Lysandra were crowned the Queens of bathrooms last night, and you can see why. "Her" bathroom is so lovely and fresh looking with it's pale colour palette, while the Ecofloor gives this space an edge. What really sealed the deal for me were the gorgeous chandelier, and handheld shower the twins installed. They've really addressed the needs of the bathroom's occupant...both with form and function. Us girls want lots of storage (tick with that vanity!), the option to not wash our hair (tick), and we want it pretty (TICK!).

Madi and Jarrod - NSW
Like Bec and George, Madi and Jarrod have delivered a feminine bathroom in warm shades of greige. This space has some really well-appointed features. Wall to wall mirror cabinets are a great idea, as is the long narrow bench for resting bathroom products while in use. The bath Madi and Jarrod selected is a great shape, and the glass shelves above the bath are a fab addition. You can never have too much storage in a bathroom. I love the round timber hooks as well, allowing extra space to hang towels, or perhaps a robe. My only criticism is (dare I say it) the ugly flower bathmat. While it picks up the colours of the gorgeous teal, purple and gold striped towels, the floral mat just drags it down. It does look like something nanna would have in her bathroom, and I really wasn't expecting to see it used by this young, hip couple. Please swap it out for something else!
"His" bathroom features a greyer version of the same oversized tile used in "her" bathroom, however it looks completely different with the fittings Madi and Jarrod selected. A simple, rectangular vanity with black base, and sexy black chrome tapware really amp up the style. Love the black and white chevron bath towels and mat...the perfect choice for this masculine space. I'm sure a lot of women would love this bathroom as well!

Kim and Matt - WA
Kim and Matt's feminine bathroom is just lovely. The penny round tiles with black grout are a great feature in this space, and let's just talk about that big bath for a second...nice! I love the curved shape...very girlie. I can see many hours relaxing in that tub.   Add a small television on the wall, and you wouldn't need to leave. The vanity Kim and Matt selected is perfect too...look at all of that storage! I agree with the judges that the metal sculptural wall is a bit overpowering. The metal wall is really effective, however it just competes for attention with the penny rounds. A timber wall would have knocked this room out of the park!
Let's just talk a moment about Kim and Matt's choice of tiles...gorgeous penny rounds for "her" bathroom, and bold black and white geometric tiles for "his" bathroom...both used as feature tiles in the shower/bath areas of the ensuites. Just the perfect hit of pattern in these rooms. Love!
Matt and Kim's masculine inspired bathroom is one of my favourites for the week. The feature wall in the graphic tile, black shower tiles, and gloss black vanity is just divine...while the view from the shower is crisp clean white. Adding just a few touches of black, to this mostly white bathroom, means the room feels really light-filled, yet there's still plenty of drama. The patterned bath towels are another great injection of pattern in this space. Oh, and double shower heads...hello! Gorgeous.
Last week I was asking where on earth Matt and Kim found hot pink toilet paper for their bathroom. This week they included black toilet paper in "his" bathroom. Now you can buy yourself some from The Block Shop! What colour would you choose? Also available this week, is the metal screening Matt and Kim installed in "her" bathroom.
1. Luxury Coloured Toilet Paper | 2. Lump's Wall Screen

Trixie and Johnno - QLD
This bathroom makes me smile so much! Who doesn't want a pop of yellow in their lives? Trixie and Johnno have a real knack for mixing pattern, and their bold selections really blow me away. I'm so glad they resisted using yellow tiles for the full wall. Just that small amount gives this space serious retro style. "Her" bathroom doesn't have an overly feminine feel, allowing this apartment to suit a number of buyers...however, I do hope they include a bath in the remaining bathroom. This room ties for my favourite bathroom of the week. Love the yellow towels too! Aside from Madi and Jarrod's bathroom, this is the only real use of colour. This week's reveal was all about the white, black, and grey.
Can someone say "his"and "her" pendant lights! Yellow for "her" bathroom, and smokey grey for "his". Trixie and Johnno really know how to add that extra little touch that ramps up the styling. Speaking of style...check out the fixed and hand-held shower head combo Trixie and Johnno installed in "her" bathroom! Love that they've offered choice for the future owner.
Like "her" bathroom above, Trixie and Johnno have installed a patterned feature wall, this time in classic chevron. The different shades of grey in the corner give this room loads of style. A bathroom completely tiled in this pattern would have been very overpowering. Once again, their restraint is to be applauded. Like Alysa and Lysandra, Trixie and Johnno installed a steam shower room in this masculine space. The only thing that lets them down in both bathrooms, is the standard (ie. ugly) bathroom vent. If they installed a more modern one in chrome, I'm sure last night would have been a three way tie.
All of the couples present beautiful two bathrooms this week, and they really ought to be congratulated. What a tough week!! This week, the couples will be working on the master bedrooms and dressing rooms. I wonder what direction they'll take? Will we see soft, upholstered bedheads, or perhaps warm, classic timber bed frames, such as this one now available at The Block Shop?
1. Hermon & Hermon Coast Teak LF Bed | 2. Hermon & Hermon Coast Teak LF Night Stand
Will the bed linens contain loads of colour and pattern, classic white...or perhaps some fun typography pillow cases, like those shown on Shelley's example bed during the bedhead challenge?
Pillowcases... 1. Pink Heart | 2. Love. Love. Love. | 3. X O X | 4. Owl Facts
It seems like this series of The Block Sky High is just flying by! Two weeks in, and the couples have delivered three bathrooms, and a bedroom. These apartments are really starting to take shape! Which couple designed your favourite bathroom this week?

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