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The Block Sky High | Challenge room reveals...

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The contestants on The Block Sky High have hit the ground running and delivered their first room reveal...and they've only been residents on The Block for 48 hours! There's no easing into this season at all. The first challenge...create a 5-star hotel room and ensuite, with a budget of only $10,000! The winner of the challenge would be rewarded with first pick of apartments...with the penthouse being the most coveted position on The Block.

QLD - Johnno and Trixie
Johnno and Trixie, proved themselves to be a surprise package. They may be the oldest couple on The Block, but their style is fresh and fun! Johnno and Trixie made a bold choice with their paint colour; a deep green, that may not be to everyone's taste, but it certainly set their room apart from the competition. I'm really impressed with the mix of colours they've used here...the teal of the side table, and bold yellows and pinks of the bedding and cushions, all work really well together. Using the Kip & Co Desert Caviar graphic print sheet as a valance was a great touch, adding some much needed pattern into this space.
The artwork Johnno and Trixie selected is fun and modern, pulling in the vibrant pink of the Major Mitchell cushion. I would have liked to have seen either a bedhead, or a larger piece of art (it looks a little lost floating above the bed). I love the Muuto pendant lights that flank the bed...modern, and simple in design, they add loads of impact to the room, and free up space on the bedside tables that would otherwise be taken up by lamps.
1. Kip & Co Desert Caviar Flat Sheet | 2. Bonnie & Neil Major Mitchell Cushion |
3. Muuto E27 Pendant Lamp 
Johnno and Trixie delivered this gorgeous ensuite as well...oversized grey tiles wrap around the walls and onto the floor, giving this space a seamless look. Simple fixtures, bathroom sink and large mirror are perfect for this room...
The stand out feature of all of the ensuites revealed is this stunning pop of yellow! Johnno and Trixie took a bold risk, and it paid off! The yellow wrapped over the ceiling takes this ensuite from standard neutral greys, to a modern masterpiece.

NSW - Jarrod and Madi
I must say...I love this room! Jarrod and Madi have achieved a really light and airy space, with loads of white and just the right amount of black and yellow. The stand out feature...a plywood ceiling that adds warmth to the space...an inspired installation that can easily be translated to your own home. The ceiling, and pendant lights give this bedroom a real loft feel, don't you think?
Like Johnno and Trixie, Jarrod and Madi have hung gorgeous pendant lights either side of the bed, allowing the stunning yellow bedside cabinets to stand alone. The timber element is repeated in the room with the floor lamp, which while a great design piece, really needs to be grounded with an armchair to complete the overall look.
The fresh colour palette has been carried through to the ensuite. Jarrod and Madi have installed classic  white subway tiles in the shower, and dark charcoal tiles on the floor and vanity splash back. Black grout between the subway tiles, ties the black and white theme together, while the yellow towels remind us that this ensuite is still a part of the bedroom.

Vic - George and Bec
I was so surprised by this space! Black as a cosy colour...why yes! George and Bec created such a moody bedroom, and I just love it. To me, a hotel room should feel luxurious and inviting, and George and Bec nailed it. The bold pops of colour really work, with just the right amount of red and lime. The chrome elements are perfectly balanced, and definitely amp up the luxe value. The Lovin is Easy canvas fills the space behind the bed, and further enforces the urban feel of this space.
Another stunning canvas, City Kids, hangs on the wall opposite, giving the room another impressive vista. Unlike the other couples, George and Bec fully utilised this room by adding a table and chairs...an essential in any hotel room. I'm really impressed with this space...I think George and Bec will be the couple to watch.
1. Lovin Is Easy print | 2. City Kids print | Artist Lindsay Blamey
George and Bec continued the black theme through to their ensuite, and although it looks great here, the colour is just too much for such a small space. I would liked to have seen a white bathroom to contrast against the bedroom, and some pops of black and colour to tie it all together. There's plenty of other bathrooms for them to create though, so watch this space.

WA - Matt and Kim
Matt and Kim delivered a bedroom with plenty of vintage appeal...a necessity thanks to their tight budget after paying their tradies. There's some really great details in this space, and I hope that over the coming weeks, their design ethos will be fully realised. The soft wall colour really works, as does the bedding (love that teal floral cushion!)....I beg of you though...ditch the fake flowers scattered around the room!
This vignette really made me smile. The red chairs are a great addition, providing some much needed colour...while the retro coffee table, modern drum lamp and accessories, all work together to create an inviting spot to sit and have a cuppa.
While I loved the red in the bedroom, the red towels look a little cheap in this otherwise really nice ensuite. Crisp white towels would have worked so much better. It's only a small detail, but sometimes that makes all the difference! I'm really looking forward to seeing more from this couple. I feel like their quirky style is going to be quite interesting and inspiring.

SA - Alisa and Lysandra
The sisters delivered an elegant bedroom, that feels beautifully soft and feminine...with pale blue and gold wallpaper, layered sheer curtains, and dark timber furniture. I love how they've elevated the bed, making the whole bed area a stand out feature in the room. The design of this space really set Alisa and Lysandra apart from the rest of the contestants, who all took a more modern approach to their design.
The vintage chair is a nice addition, though it looks a little lost. Perhaps if it was pulled up to a dressing table, it would have made more sense in this space. An overstuffed armchair would have completed this room beautifully!
Look at the wall tiles in this ensuite! The way the light catches on them is magical...it's such a shame they didn't have time to add a black grout between the tiles to finish them off. The black gloss vanity is stunning, and a larger mirror would have really set it off. I think the twins have the makings of a great ensuite...it just needs a little more finessing.
Overall, all of the couples delivered great spaces...even more so given the time and budget restraints of the challenge. Johnno and Trixie were announced the winners of the challenge and predictably selected the penthouse apartment, given that it has the best views over Melbourne. A quick reshuffle of floors, and the couples started on the next rooms due for reveal...another bedroom and ensuite! This begs the question...if you inherited a room completed by another couple, would you redo it?

I can't wait to see their styles develop over the coming weeks. Do you have a favourite couple yet? Who are you predicting/hoping will win The Block?

[Room reveal images sourced from the official The Block website]

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