Monday, May 20, 2013

How to update your bathroom with fresh towels and accessories from Target

Brought to you by Target Australia

This is the Seth and Eme's bathroom. It's as boring as can be, with it's white walls, and royal blue floor tiles. When we selected the tiles 12 years ago, these square tiles were incredibly popular. I know many people who built their homes at the same time as us, that have identical bathrooms! As much as I would love to have floor to ceiling subway tiles, and a neutral over-sized floor tile (The Block has a lot to answer for!)...the bathroom is in excellent condition, and we won't be replacing the tiles any time soon. The easiest way to update the look, is to choose new bath linens!
Royal blue is a difficult colour to match. To help me make a decision, I snapped a photo of our bathroom tiles on my iPhone, and carried it with me to Target! I held up the photo on my phone against every single colour Target towel available. This was a great way to choose a colour...though, it might have looked a little strange to the other shoppers. lol. I narrowed it down to three colours...the Manhattan towels in winter berry red; the Grandeur Linear towels in grass green; or Manhattan Contemporary towels in mimosa yellow. Then...
Target towels, towels at Target, Target essentials
1. Manhattan | 2. Grandeur Linear | 3. Manhattan Contemporary
4. Reflection | 5. Grandeur Classic | 6. Egyptian Luxury

I happened upon this Target Essentials 8 piece towel set, which included a laundry basket. It contained two different shades of grey...and when I held it up against the blue tiles in the photo, the greys seemed to tone down the brightness of our floor considerably! The price was too good to pass up as well. Given that this bathroom is used by the kids, the standard towel size is perfect for their little bodies. It will be quite some time before we need to upgrade to bath sheets. Don't you think this would make a great house warming gift as well?
Eme decided there should be one of each grey towel hanging on the rail, so that they could tell who's towel belongs to whom. For the record, Eme's towel is dark not touch! lol. The laundry basket is nice and sturdy, and will hold a full washing machine load. Having the basket in the bathroom discourages the kids from leaving their clothing all over the bathroom floor. Winning! With our new Target Towels in place, a little decoration was needed. I found the ceramic "Wash" letters in Target's bathroom decor section, and thought they'd add a little fun! They have mounting holes on the back so that you can hang them on the wall, however I really like them sitting on the edge of the bath. The kids are under strict instruction not to touch! Let's see how long they last before I have to move them.
Our large white vanity needed addressing too. Cute storage was on the agenda. Try thinking outside the standard "bathroom" accessories, and check out the kitchen area as well! To store the kids toothbrushes, I chose Target's Owl utensil holder. A utensil holder is perfect for toothbrushes...nice and deep so that most of the brushes are hidden (I hate them on display, but if they're not out in plain view, they won't get used!). Like the "wash" letters, the owl adds a little more whimsy to the room. I also picked up a Salut footed dip bowl in silver from Target's tableware section to store the body sponge. I love flowers, and Target's Magnolia in glass vase were too lovely to pass up. This cluster of items works really well together...varying heights, complementary colours, and different textures.
Here's our newly redecorated bathroom. For less than a $100 investment, our bathroom now looks so much better! Gone are the mismatched kiddie towels and Ice Age stickers that surrounded the bath. It feels more grown up, and the kids love it! It's a space to be proud of once again.
Just a reminder of the small additions we made...
...and now there's a lot more hand washing going on! Even better...the towels work. :-)
How long have you been hanging onto your towels for? Is your bathroom overdue for a mini makeover as well?

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