Friday, May 17, 2013

Do I look like Evan Almighty?

I'm declaring it now...I am NOT a pet person.
Pets gravitate towards ME!
[Evan Almighty - image sourced from Movie Cricket]

You may recall earlier this week, I picked up a ferret...on purpose! I was rewarded with several nips to my hands, and my ankles. Why? They needed rescuing of course. I wasn't going to have poor "defenseless" ferrets running around my backyard. As cute as the ferrets are, I have crossed them off the list of potential pets in the Warren household.

I am a fur mumma to Marley Hindmarsh Warren (I didn't name him)...the scruffy mutt in the photo below. He currently has a backyard buddy, Numbnuts the galah (once again...I didn't pick the name).  Numby is the beloved pet bird of my in-laws, and he's come to visit while they have a pool installed (bring on summer!). Numbnuts is spending a lot of time at the bottom of the cage so that he's beak to nose with Marley. He's either really friendly, or a dog teasing little bastard...I haven't quite figured it out yet.
Last night, the Wollongong winds whipped up quite ferociously, picking up poor little Numby's cage, and tipping it on it's side with an almighty bang!! I ran outside to find a rather disheveled looking galah underneath the barbeque table, with Marley running around like a nutter trying to figure out what was going on. I'm so thankful he didn't fly away, or that the dog wasn't squashed under the cage! I don't need that on my watch...
With Numby scooped up in a box, and sealed in place with an overturned washing basket, Andrew and I set about picking up the cage and making it habitable again...this time placing it underneath our new pergola, out of the wind.

Tip: An overturned washing basket will not contain ferrets, but it'll suit a galah nicely! lol

Numbnuts spent his time inside watching the end of Law & Order SVU, but he refuses to let me know how it finished. more strange animals in my backyard this week...I need a rest!

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