Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weight Watchers Wednesday | A week's worth of lunch ideas...

Welcome to another Weight Watchers Wednesday! Today we're going to talk about lunch. I don't know about you, but I find this is the most difficult meal of the day to cater for.
Lunch is one meal of the day that I eat by myself, and I'm not making a decision for the whole family. As a mum, I always make sure that the kids head off to school with a well-balanced lunch box, full of healthy choices that will sustain them for the day. When it comes to my own lunch, I am just not satisfied with a sandwich and a piece of fruit...I prefer a hot meal! Over the course of a week, I photographed my lunches...
Weight Watchers frozen meals are a great choice to throw in my lunch bag. I know exactly how many ProPoints they contain, and I know they will be delicious!  To increase my vegetable intake (most vegetables are 0 ProPoints!), I always have some kind of side salad. You can see from the photos that the majority of my plate is vegetables, with a quarter reserved for some kind of carbohydrate, and the remaining quarter protein.
I like to keep the flavours interesting. Variety is the spice of life, as they say. I am never bored with what I eat for lunch because I like to mix it up!
When I'm pressed for time, and I want to make sure I eat my allocated points, I usually head to the local supermarket and pick up a ready made salad and a bowl of soup. I check the ProPoints value of my selections right there in the supermarket, using the ProPoints calculator on the Weight Watchers iPhone app. I can make a sensible decision straight away, and enjoy my meal knowing that I haven't gone overboard.
I still treat myself to takeaway, but I make sure I pick something that is healthy, and within my ProPoints allowance. Once again...I choose mostly vegetables, with some carbs, and some protein, to make it a balanced meal. Don't be afraid to ask if there is nutritional information available for you to read, before you make a decision.  My local Zambrero's were happy to supply the information I wanted, and helped me to put together a meal that suited. Being on a healthy eating plan doesn't mean you have to miss out!
Out of the seven meals shown here, I have had six salads...all completely different from one another. Step outside of the lettuce, tomato, and cucumber rut, and try something new. Swap your lettuce for baby spinach and rocket; add some shredded cabbage; or try a new dressing. Keeping your salads fresh, colourful, and interesting will keep you on track.
Have you ever taken photos of your lunch to share on Instagram? You can find me at @heyLisaWarren, using #everydaystrong and #onmyplate. There's two reasons why I photograph my food. Sometimes it just looks so delicious, I want to share it with everyone! lol. The other reason is to keep me accountable. The theory is...if I am willing to share a photograph of what I'm eating, it means that I am making a good choice. You're less likely to share a photo of a big fatty meal, am I right? Try recording your ProPoints in pictures, and see how your food choices change.
Team Warren are still going strong! Andrew had a fantastic loss of 1kg this week, and was rewarded with his 5kg star! I'm so proud of him. My loss this week was 400g, bringing my total to 6.3kg over the last 5 weeks. We're both starting to feel so much better, and are noticing little changes already. Andrew's face has thinned out considerably, and I discovered yesterday that a pair of leggings that I was struggling to pull on, now fit! It's those little motivators that keep you going.
Tell me...what did you have for lunch today? Would you be willing to share a photograph of it, or will you pretend it just never happened.

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