Friday, May 3, 2013

5 things that make me uncomfortable...

Uncomfortable. That uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach...when you'd rather hide in a corner, or disappear completely. Here are a few of those moments...

One...listening to people talk about their sex lives! I am far from a prude, but I really don't need to know what you do with your partner. To me, that stuff is private...besides, I don't want to look at your partner, knowing what you've done together. A friend would often give me the blow-by-blow details (literally), and then he'd walk into the room. Awkward!! I'm happy that you're happy, but please. Keep it to yourself. I'll leave that kind of talk to Charlotte, Carrie, Miranda and Samantha, thank you.
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Two...bathroom noises. Not just any bathroom noises particular noise. My workstation just so happens to be located within close proximity to the men's bathroom in my office. One particular co-worker hocks up a golly every time he goes to the bathroom. It seriously makes me want to hurl. I struggle to look at him in the eye afterwards.

Three...seriously intellectual conversations. Speaking of my office...those morning teas when every one is talking about coal seam gas, the water flows of a particular river, or why/why not Gillard should be Prime Minister; and I'm all like, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have only seen each other a few times while she's been pregnant. Don't get me wrong...I am concerned about the plight of our planet, and I'm not a vacuous airhead, however I just don't feel the need to have deep and meaningful conversations about global issues every second of my working day. BTW - the relationship status of Kimye IS a global issue! lol.
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Four...wall mounted toilets. Yes, another bathroom story...sorry! I once worked in a building that had wall mounted toilets. One day, a female co-worker, who was a larger lady like myself, headed up to one of the quieter floors to "powder her nose". Unfortunately, the toilet cracked and came of the wall! The poor woman was seriously injured, breaking her tail bone. I'm not sure what's worse...the physical injury, or the humiliation of being found sprawled on the floor, covered in toilet water and excrement, with your pants around your ankles. Having this happen to me is one of my greatest fears! If I find that the bathroom has wall mounted loos, I would rather hold it in until bursting point, than risk sitting there.

Last, but certainly not the least of things that make me feel uncomfortable... in "regular" sized stores. I don't know if I'm just being paranoid, but I really feel like the shop assistants are judging me...staring me down, and thinking "Don't even bother looking!". I already know you don't carry my size. I just came in to look at your cute shoes, bags and accessories. I'll leave the cut-off shirts and mini dresses for your regular clientele.  When I first started shopping for a wedding dress, I actually had a salesperson tell me that I wouldn't be able to find a dress! Outrageous!! I went home in tears, and then told every single person I knew about the experience and to never shop there. Big mistake. Big. That person's uncaring attitude cost them a lot of sales from other brides.

Tell me...what makes you uncomfortable?

Day 3, Friday: Things that make you uncomfortable

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