Sunday, April 21, 2013

Aussie Curves | The maxi dress!

Aussie Curves...oh how I've missed thee! I've missed the last few themes...yellow (which I have a lot of, and could of blogged about for days), body con, belts and androgynous. At some point in the next few months, I'll tackle those challenges...but for this week, we're discussing the maxi dress...
I've only started wearing maxi dresses in the last 8 months or so. I always thought I was too short, and my hips too wide, to be able to carry them off. That was until I discovered how lovely the maxi dresses were at City Chic and Autograph. This gave me the confidence to try them on this maxi dress from Target Australia. The fabric is so soft, and drapes really well.
You may have noticed I'm no longer a blonde...well, not totally anyway. I'm now rocking the balayage, with a red/brown at the roots, through to a strawberry blonde. It's funny...when you dye your hair, you have to rethink what colours actually suit you!
Instead of matching the intensity of the purple and deep orange in my accessories, I've gone for a lighter shade. My accessories now compliment my outfit; not compete with it.
There are so many colours you can pull from this maxi dress for your, orange, purple, white (maybe not)...perhaps even teal if you want a bit of contrast. I've gone for a pair of orange wedge heels...great for adding height to us shorties (I'm 5'3"), and then I don't need to take up the hem! Winning.
You may have also noticed that this isn't the first time you've seen this dress for maxi dress week on Aussie Curves...check out how Kylee styled it. Melissa is also rocking this denim jacket this week. Put them together, and you have my outfit...ta da!
What I wore...
Maxi Dress | Moda for Target Australia
Denim Jacket | Autograph
Wedge Heels | Payless
Necklace | Colette
Ring | Diva (many moons ago!)

...and just to show you that I do actually wear my Aussie Curves outfits in public, here's a photo of my husband and I on the Carnival Spirit at sunset. The theme for the evening was "Carribean". The abstract floral, and bright colours, just seemed like a tropical party...especially with a flower in my hair. Talk about a fabulous night...but that's for another blog post. 
So lovely ladies...does the maxi dress feature in your wardrobe?

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