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Logies 2013 | Dreamers, redeemers and misdemeanors...

Australia's television industry night of nights, the Logies, has come and gone for another year, and it's time to reflect on the beautiful (and not so beautiful) fashion choices worn by Australia's stars!

The Dreamers
These are the ladies that have wowed me this year...

Giaan Rooney (Weather presenter, Seven News Melbourne)
The instant I saw Giaan Rooney last night, I knew I had my best dressed! Wearing this gorgeous Helen Manuell column gown, Giann was perfection in white. The capelet perfectly framed her neckline, and I love how it was attached to the back of her gown. Simple hair, simple jewels, and contrasting clutch, come together to create one WOW outfit. Look out Pippa Middleton...there's a new girl in town that rocks the white dress!

Samara Weaving (Home & Away, Seven)
The mermaid silhouette was seriously popular for the 2013 Logies, and Samara Weaving owned that look last night. The sheer bodice of her Steven Khalil gown covers her torso in all the right places, and the long sleeves were a really nice touch. Like Giaan, Samara has kept her hair and accessories simple, allowing the gown to speak for itself. Love the ribbon detail along the hemline...simple and elegant. Great to see a young starlet taking a fashion risk. I am so looking forward to seeing what Samara wears in the future.

Mandy McElhinney (Howzat! Kerry Packer's War, Nine)
Rhonda was looking hot last a sunrise!  This is a gown that grew on me. It fits her like a glove, hugging her body in all the right places, while the metal bust detail plays a great supporting role.  Gorgeous red hair with soft curls looks fabulous with the copper elements of her gown. I'm predicting a Logie in her near future...looking forward to viewing Paper Giants later this year.

Georgie Parker (Home & Away, Seven)
Not everyone will be a fan of this one, but I really love it! The print is bold, the silhouette is perfect for Georgie Parker's body shape, and I love the loose one-shouldered overlay. The sun detail on the shoulder is a fun addition too. Georgie Parker is a Logies veteran, and I'm so pleased she's taken a risk with this Leona Edmiston gown.

Brenna Harding (Puberty Blues, Ten)
The winner of this year's Most Popular New Female Talent, looked so fresh and lovely. Love her age appropriate dress...great length, and everything that should be covered, is. The colour is perfect for her too...white would have been way too mature. Brenna was so gracious accepting her Logie, declaring "I am so lucky!". I can see big things in her future...she reminds me of a young Claudia Karvan. I really looking forward to seeing how Brenna's style develops over the coming years.

Natalie Hunter (Totally Wild, Ten)
In a sea of black and white; it was so refreshing to see a pop of colour! Natalie Hunter took a bold risk with this yellow tulle confection. Some critics have referred to as a hot mess, but I think they're missing the point. It's fun and unique...Natalie is working this statement gown in all the right ways.

The Redeemers
One of the fun things about the Logies, is seeing how the ladies dress year after year...will they improve on past fashion faux pas? These lovely ladies were on my list last year...let's see how they went in 2013.

Lisa Wilkinson (Today, Nine)
I really love Lisa Wilkinson's style. Last year, her green gown was one of my favourites on the 2012 Logies red carpet. Her selection for this year is equally as gorgeous! Lisa always knows what works well for her body type and she showcases her best features beautifully. I also love that she's not afraid of a bit of colour. The deep teal is perfect for her colouring. Love.

Sandra Sully (Ten Late News, Ten)
Last year, Sandra Sully got the big thumbs down from me thanks to the dowdy hair style and oversized  sparkly patterned frock. This year...she knocked it out of the park! Her black dress is stunning. Love the wide straps, the plunging neckline, the draping from the waist, everything. While her accessories have been kept to a minimum, her clutch purse contrasts nicely against the black. Love the diamante brooch at the centre of her bodice...the perfect finishing touch.

Kat Stewart (Offspring, Ten)
Last year, I was left confused by Kat Stewart's sheer lace dress...the high/low hemline really wasn't working. This year...wowser! A simple black column dress, with spaghetti strap halter neck detail...beautiful. Kat is looking seriously fierce!

The Misdemeanors
Disclaimer: the following is my opinion of the fashion only...the starlets are still gorgeous women.

Saskia Hampele (Neighbours, Ten)
Saskia Hampele is hitting all the trends here...white dress, mermaid silhouette, ear cuff...unfortunately it all falls a little flat. This gown looks ill fitting at the front, almost lacking any shape at all...there's nothing at the front to grab your attention. The ear cuff is just way too much for just one ear. A simpler cuff may have worked better, and perhaps a long necklace. The lace detail on the back of her gown is gorgeous! Unfortunately, one cannot spend all night walking around backwards. Hopefully we'll see something better next year.

Asher Keddie (Offspring, Ten)
Let me just say...there's nothing particularly wrong with this just leave me feeling meh. There's really no WOW factor at all. It's way too safe. Normally Asher Keddie is on the cutting edge of fashion and totally brings it. I'm sorry Asher...this year's Logie frock is completely underwhelming. The Gold Logie is a gorgeous accessory though...

Lauren Phillips (Kids WB, Nine)
This one is both a hit and a miss. The back view is just stunning, with the peplum detail, and open back. The front view however misses the mark. The peplum looks cut short, and perhaps should have extended across the waist to give it more oomph...or lose it all together. The black capped sleeves look too heavy from the front, giving her really broad shoulders. I'm not sure if the fabrics work together well either. Lauren is a beautiful young woman, and unfortunately this dress looks a little matronly on her.

Jennifer Hawkins (Australia's Next Top Model, Fox8)
Now I'm expecting lots of hate mail. I hated Jen's dress this year! The dress essentially is's the halter neck detail that kills it for me. I'm sorry, but it really looks like she's trying to cover up a neck injury of some kind. Remove that piece, and the dress would be stunning! Look at the rear view...perfection. Jen can work an open back like nobody's business...she's hot stuff...unfortunately, the dress is not.

Brynne Edelstein (Brynne: My Bedazzled Life, Seven)
Oh either need to hire a great stylist, or fire whoever is dressing you. I always look forward to seeing what Brynne Edelstein is wearing, but for all the wrong reasons. I don't know anyone else who could wear a dress completely made from white fringing.  I'm really lost for that a fringed wing detail on her breasts? Just when you think it couldn't get any worse...the neon stilettos...just, no.
Just so you can get the full picture...look at detail on her bust line. That's a serious amount of bedazzling. One positive...I love her clutch purse and cocktail ring. I'd take that any day.

The Misters
Let's forget the men of the evening.  You really can't go wrong with a tuxedo, but some men wear it so much better than others...

Kris Smith (Model / Presenter)
Kris Smith is looking super hot with his designer stubble, three piece suit and white bow tie. What else can you va va voom!

Shannan Ponton and Steve Willis (The Biggest Loser, Ten)
Last, but certainly not least...the boys from The Biggest loser. A traditional suite and tie for Shannan Ponton, while the Commando is rocking a tuxedo with oversized bow tie. The smile is a nice accessory!
My absolute highlight of the 2013 Logies was Bruno Mars! He rocked as the opening act, and his band were incredible. Putting on my Molly Meldrum yourself a favour, and check this out...
There you have it...the red carpet has been rolled up and put away for another year. Who were your best and worst dressed for the 2013 Logies?

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