Sunday, April 7, 2013

10 random things about me...the 2013 edition

1. I have recently been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and surgery is looking likely in my near future. I haven't been able to feel my right thumb and a few of my fingers for over three weeks. Typing is literally a pain at the moment...hence why there's been no blogging from me in nearly 2 weeks. I'm having major withdrawals!
2. I really want to learn how to crochet. Given the current state of my hand, it will be some time until I pick up a crochet hook. In the meantime, I have become obsessed with watching Mikeyssmail's youtube tutorials. Seriously, check out the crocheted bicycle! Thanks to hubby's cousin Bianca for the heads up!

3. After 39 years, I'm no longer blonde! I'm currently embracing the balayage look, with red/brown on top, through to strawberry blonde. The change has been in colour only...last week I thought my car had been stolen, but it turned out that I was in the wrong parking station. d'oh!

4. I very rarely eat breakfast. It's an incredibly bad habit that I need to fix. First step...getting up when the alarm sounds the first time...not after I've pressed the sleeper button several times. Hopefully, now that daylight savings has finished, I won't be waking up when it's still dark. I just need to reinstate the routine.

5. I'm kind of like the baby whisper. My body must be incredibly comfortable to lay on, because I'm an expert at getting babies to sleep. I'm always the first one there to volunteer for a cuddle too. Love! I've often thought about becoming a midwife, but I think I'd find it way too emotional. I'd be crying more than the new parents!

6. I have over 1,200 emails sitting in my inbox. They've all be read, but for one reason or another, I haven't deleted them. I'm sure 90% (at least) can go, but I just haven't got the time to go through every single one. I really need to unsubscribe from some newsletters.

7. I may or may not bribe my children to do chores. Miss Emeline is currently cleaning her bedroom in exchange for a new ipod game. Seth tidied up the living room rug this morning so that he could have an upgrade for the game he's been playing. Looks like I've found their "currency". Winning!

8. I love Pinterest...but I have one major pet hate. It really bugs me when the people I follow clog up my pinterest feed with a flood of images all on the one topic. Mix it up people! Keep it interesting for me. I don't need to see 40 images of Hello Kitty, or wedding dresses, or quinoa recipes in a row. It's a sure fire way to lose a follower.

9. I keep a stash of presents and cards in the wardrobe...just in case. It consists of little pressies, wrapping papers and cards for a variety of occasions, genders and age groups. If I see something in my travels that I think might make a great gift, I purchase it and put it away for later. It totally paid for itself today. Eme found an invitation for a party that started in 20 minutes time. We "shopped" for a present, picked out a card, wrapped it up all pretty like, and delivered Eme to the birthday girl's house...right on time. Phew. Mental note...need home command centre for these things so I know about it ahead of time.

10. I absolutely love watching musicals! Last night I finally watched Pitch Perfect. I'm watching it again right now!! Instant classic in my mind. Rebel Wilson totally makes that movie...

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