Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Block All Stars | Week 6 Living Room

OMGoodness...I can't believe this one was still sitting in draft! The Block All Stars may be done and dusted for this year (hopefully there'll be another All Stars series in the future), but the rooms the couples produced as still drool worthy and inspiring.  If the vast amount of home decor images on Pinterest are anything to go by, we're all looking for inspiration for our own homes.  Looking back on these rooms after time has passed has reaffirmed to me how talented the All Stars really were.  Let's do a quick round up of the living rooms.

Phil and Amity
I am so impressed with the spaciousness Phil and Amity created in their living and dining space, while still keeping it warm and cosy. The mezzanine level was an inspired addition the previous week, and now the entire space comes together and their vision makes complete sense. The soft furnishings they've selected  make a beautiful and casual statement...don't you just want to curl up on that couch and watch the roaring fire! The pops of yellow really liven up the room too. Love it.
Phil and Amity installed an upholstered banquette in their dining area...not only is this a great space saving idea; it's stylish, adds softness to the room, and provides extra storage beneath the seat. I love the contrast between the upholstered bench, and timber table and chairs as well.
The cathedral ceiling really lends itself to a statement piece of lighting, and the chandelier Phil and Amity installed is fabulous! It's such a large space, they probably could have chosen a bigger light fitting to fill the room, or perhaps dropped it a bit lower. Either way, the antique finish and neutral shades are the perfect accompaniment to the rest of the decor.
An oversized mirror fills the space above the fireplace...but there's more there than meets the eye. It's also the family television! Such a fabulous innovation...the functionality of a television, that can be disguised when not in use. Overall, Phil and Amity have created a lovely family room, which doubles as the perfect entertainment space.

Mark/Dale and Duncan
Unfortunately I was not a fan of this space at all. I'm still trying to understand why this three bedroom home has the smallest living space. Perhaps how people spend their time at home in Bondi is different, and they don't spend as much time sitting on the lounge? As far as their styling goes, the pieces Duncan selected are too large for the space. This has been a common theme throughout the house, and it just doesn't work this time.
Duncan and Dale have installed a high gloss black glass wall along the length of the hallway, and have concealed the television within. It's innovative and beautiful in this space, and really suits a modern home. I must say...this was a completely unexpected addition, but definitely worth their investment.
On the positive side, I really like the scale of the framed mirror and pieces of really fills the wall nicely. The content of the artwork are cityscapes, and I don't think they particularly suit the coastal location of this home. I've been trying to ignore the oversized propeller, however that's a little difficult. The purple tone is fabulous...the size is just too imposing in this space.
Finally we get to see the reverse side of the fish tank the boys installed in place of the original cast iron oven, and it's still just as lovely. Not lovely is the cow hide armchair.  The cow hide splash back in the kitchen was a fun installation...adding the chair as well makes it seem too themed. It's not my favourite room the boys have delivered, and hopefully their garden space will make up for it.

Josh and Jenna
Like Duncan and Dale, Josh and Jenna have created a small living space...the difference being, Josh and Jenna have selected furnishings that suit the room and don't overcrowd it. They can afford to have a small family room though, because they already have a formal living room elsewhere in the home. The feminine styling of this space is just beautiful, and it would be easy to change up if you wanted to, simply by swapping out the artwork and a couple of pillows.
The television is hidden underneath the end of the kitchen bench, allowing the restored cast iron oven to become the focal point of the room. Josh and Jenna have created a simple and uncluttered living space that would be the perfect resting place away from the busyness of the rest of the home.
Josh and Jenna have utilised the nook between the fireplace and window by installing a small work desk and more storage. Making use of this space was a great idea. The simple styling really works here...just add your laptop and off you go.
The sheer curtains gently puddle onto the floor, allowing soft light to filter through into the living room. It really is a lovely space and well worth a second look.

Dan and Dani
Last, but certainly not least...Dan and Dani have delivered a dining and living space that would suit any family. Room for entertaining, room for kicking back and watching the television, and room to move around. Dan and Dani have stuck to their grey palette, applying it to their lowline lounge.
The dining table and kitchen island bench line up, streamling and connecting the two spaces. The island bench would make the perfect servery when entertaining, or just for the family dinner.
As much as I like this room, it does feel a little bare. Some artwork on the chimney breast, or perhaps a mirror, would have really given this space more life.  While it's a great open space, I can't help but compare it to Phil and Amity's living area. Both rooms were exactly the same size, however Phil and Amity's looks triple the size thanks to the cathedral ceilings.
The oversized Aboriginal artwork has been repositioned so that it spans the kitchen and dining areas...serving to connect the areas together. It's amazing how much impact a statement piece of art can make. Overall, Dan and Dani's family room finishes off their home beautifully. It's functional and stylish all in one.
So, who do you think delivered the best living space? Which one do you see yourself spending time in with your family?

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