Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hippity Hoppity...Easter's on it's way!

Brought to you by Target Australia

I love Easter. For the Warren family, it's about more than just the eggs (although, that's a big part of it). It's one of a few times a year that we actually get together with our extended family. Special occasions call for special outfits, and with this in mind, it was time to go shopping. Target's kids fashion and footwear are really lovely at the moment...loads of sorbet, peach, teal, lemons, and soft greys...perfect colours for Easter. Both Seth and Emeline are taking a real interest in what they wear now, and I'm happy to indulge long as what they choose is age appropriate.
Seth chose this great Piping Hot long sleeved shirt, and has teamed it with jeans and thongs for a smart casual look...perfect for a nearly 10 year old.  Meanwhile, Eme chose this lovely floral maxi dress and mint cardigan with love heart detail. Eme is my girlie girl, and fell in love with this pair of coral-coloured crocheted ballet flats. She is definitely her mother's daughter...choosing the shoes because of the little pops of coral in her pretty dress. It really is easy to dress the kids well from head to toe at Target without breaking the bank.
Seth and Eme selected a new felt Easter basket each for all of their goodies. The baskets were great value at just $4 each, and there were loads of designs to choose from. Being siblings, they picked baskets that were identical in size...there's no way one kid is getting more than the other. lol. We also bought some mini Easter eggs to hand out to their friends, and to indulge in leading up to Easter.
With the outfits's time to get crafty! There's two things I really enjoy about any holiday season...decorating and craft. This Easter, Target has everything to satisfy those urges. I really had to restrain myself here, otherwise I would have brought home one of everything! I may or may not be going back to pick up some bunting. btw - the bunny ears are for me :-)
Until the Easter Bunny arrives, I have filled Seth's Easter basket with Target Essentials pencils and textas. The kids have been busy drawing and colouring all things Easter related. We're saving the Easter  masks pack for the weekend when we catch up with the little cousins. Whenever all the kids get together, I always make sure I have something crafty with us, so they're entertained before/after's always a big hit!
I really love my Christmas wreath...too pretty to only use once a year. It's normally decorated with a white dove...however I've given it new life with Target's decorated Easter eggs. This particular wreath hangs in front of the mirror that sits above our buffet. You can see it from every corner of our kitchen and living space, and it makes the room look super festive. Happy days.
You may remember this gorgeous jug from my outdoor entertaining space. I've repurposed the jug for Easter by adding some pretty peach coloured carnations and market daisies. Before you ask...the bunnies are from my existing Easter collection (yes, I have a collection).
Finishing off our Easter display is this super cute Easter Egg Topiary Tree...the soft pastel colours were just begging to come home with me (and why should you only have a tree at Christmas time?). A flocked ceramic bunny, and glass bunny tealight candle holder are nestled together at the base of the tree (all available this Easter at Target).
There you have it...the Warren family Easter display. I really do love having a space in my home that is decorated seasonally.  I can't wait until Easter Sunday, when the buffet is absolutely covered in goodies from the Easter Bunny!
So, what do the kids have to look forward to on Easter Sunday?  My mum came shopping with me at Target for Easter eggs, and these are the ones she's picked out to give to the grandkiddies...a Terrifying Dragon egg for Seth (aged 9.5), a Princess Castle egg for Emeline (aged 7), and a Zoo Buddy bag filled with eggs for my nephew Cameron (aged 2.5). Easter at Target has been made easy this year, with so many Easter eggs to choose from.
From my family to your's...we hope you have a lovely Easter. Here's to your baskets being filled to the brim with love, kindness...and chockies!

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you as part of a Life as we know it and Target partnership. I received payment and a gift card to spend at Target in store. Product selection was at my own personal discretion and all opinions expressed are my own.

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