Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Block All Stars | Week 3 Bathroom reveal

Welcome to the Week 3 room reveal of The Block All Stars! It's a well-known fact that bathrooms and kitchens sell houses. When you're shopping for your new home, you couldn't give a rats about how the bedrooms and living areas are decorated. It's the big ticket rooms...the bathroom and kitchen...that will sway your decision as to whether or not you make an offer. If you don't love them, you're looking at a major investment to replace them!

The couples have just endured what's affectionately known as "hell week". I cannot imagine anyone installing a complete bathroom in just one week...let alone one that looks like it belongs inside the pages of a home decor magazine. Here they are for your inspiration...

Phil and Amity
This week's "Chumps". That's a pretty harsh title considering how luxurious this bathroom is! Two very big WOW moments right there...a fireplace, and a television concealed within a mirror. I don't know of any bathrooms with these fun features. There was loads of discussion on twitter as to whether a fireplace was a necessity...no it isn't, but it sure does amp up the luxe value!

Such a gorgeously large bathtub. If I were a bath taking person (which, sadly I'm not), I could imagine lying back in this light filled bathroom, and enjoying a relaxing soak. BTW...don't you just love the white and stone colour scheme! I can't see this bathroom ever going out of style.

The judges criticised Phil and Amity's bathroom for not having enough storage...totally unjustified in my humble opinion. That vanity looks like it has loads of storage contained within, and as Amity said, there's a linen cupboard directly outside the bathroom. How much storage do you need?

Here's what sealed the deal for me...the toilet is hidden around the corner! People with open concept bathrooms will understand what I'm getting at here. Is there anything worse than someone opening up the door while you're fully exposed, sitting on the loo? Um, no. Overall, Phil and Amity have delivered a beautiful bathroom many homeowners would be envious of...me included!

Mark and Duncan
The boys seriously keep surprising me with how well they're designing this home! It's quirky, offbeat and totally unexpected...and I love it! I would never have thought to install faux animal heads in the bathroom, but it works. I thought the lingerie hanging from the bulls horn would look tacky, but it didn't bother me at all. For me, it delineated male and female sides to the bathroom.

I absolutely adore the timber look tiles in this bathroom, combined with the glass walls. The judges suggested it was more "saloon" than "salon", and it does have a rustic, masculine feel, but I love it!  Look at the size of that shower...double shower heads, and hand held shower nozzles...thank goodness they've installed really large stormwater tanks!

Floating the bath...genius! I've often wondered how you'd clean behind a free standing bath like this, and with it positioned this way, the problem is solved. I love the vintage inspired trolley shelving too. Loads of space to store all of your bathroom essentials. I'm also coveting the dual towel racks! I'd love that much space to hang up towels.

Like most of the female population, I was horrified by the installation of a urinal in this family bathroom! However, I changed my mind...right after going to our ensuite and seeing the toilet seat up yet again!! Mark and Duncan...you might be onto a winner here. Well done lads.

Josh and Jenna
This week's winners! I'll admit..I wasn't a fan of this bathroom on first glance, but the more I view it, the more I fall in love. I can now see why the judges chose Josh and Jenna's bathroom as the best of the best for the week. The mini subway tiles, and the gorgeous marble are so beautiful together! Total luxury.

Don't you just love those oversized mirrors above the floating his and her vanities? Josh and Jenna have added the perfect amount of that lovely marble between the mirror and vanity...just enough to replicate the marble slab detail behind the bath.

This bathroom is spacious, and so fresh looking with all of the white. I do love that they haven't tiled every wall, retaining the heritage skirting boards. I think it's these details that will set them apart come auction day.

I love all of the open space in this bathroom and I may have googled macrame plant hangers straight after Josh and Jenna's bathroom was revealed. This room, really is a winner. I'm starting to warm to Josh and Jenna's house. Hmmm...wonder what they'll do next week.

Dan and Dani
Onto house no. 4...Dan and Dani's bathroom couldn't be more different to the other three couples. The grey granite walls are really striking, as is their simple layout. I do love the sense of drama this bathroom evokes. It feels restful, calming and very sophisticated.

As I said above, the judges were critical of all the bathrooms for the lack of storage. Like Phil and Amity; Dan and Dani have installed a double vanity with loads of storage underneath. I'm not quite sure what the judges point was...this unit looks fantastic and and contains ample storage. I'd love to know what the judges think you need to "store" in a bathroom?

Can I just mention those zigzag towels? Perfect hit of colour and pattern for this super neutral bathroom.  Love the wall mounted television as well. My kids would never get out of the bath if we had one of those. The only thing I would add to this bathroom, is a shower door. As much as I love the sleek look Dan and Dani have gone for; knowing how a family bathroom operates...this bathroom would have water ALL over it.

Is it just me, or does that side table look like a popped champagne cork? Love it! With all of that natural stone, the timber side table is a great contrast. Well done Dan and Dani on a beautiful bathroom.

So, the couples thought that "hell week" was over...next they need to deliver their foyer, linen cupboard and formal lounge...on next to no budget. Exciting and creative times ahead for The Block All Stars!!
Which is your favourite bathroom this week?

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