Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Block All Stars | Week 2 Bedroom reveal

You know you're addicted to The Block when:
1. you receive tweets like this when you go away on a cruise for a few days...lol
2. You blog about the room reveals every week! Just to clarify...I blog about The Block purely because I love it so. I am not sponsored by Channel Nine at all (however if your PR peeps want to contact me...I'm open to discussions. lol). Let's move on to Sunday night's reveal...

Phil and Amity
Once again, Phil and Amity produced my favourite bedroom of the week. So lovely, light and airy...this room looks so inviting, and I could definitely see myself living in this space. The addition of the rug on the floor is a great improvement on the bedroom they revealed last week.

The shade of green Phil and Amity have chosen to compliment their black and white colour scheme is just perfect...not too dark, and not too light or neon. Love. As for the art...more than love! The black sea fan coral above the fireplace is seriously striking, while the framed poster replicates the other pops of green around the room. I'm impressed that they managed to disguise those birdhouses too and made them into a feature on top of the built-in wardrobes.

Last week, the judges suggested that Phil and Amity needed to work on their styling, and imho, they nailed it this week! Everything gels together so beautifully. The bedside table has nice, clean lines, with loads of practical space.

I love the addition of a small desk built in with the wardrobes...an essential in a second bedroom that could quite possibly belong to a child in the future. Overall, Phil and Amity have produced a beautiful bedroom and it was a tough call for first place last night.

Mark and Duncan
Winner of the room reveal of the week! Mark and Duncan delivered a kids room with loads of punch...completely different to the other bedrooms revealed, and therefore, completely memorable. Those bright colours and floating bed certainly stand out.

This bedroom is definitely masculine in style, suiting the tween to teen boy. Primary colours are abundant, without overpowering the overall look of the room. You may remember from last year's series of The Block, Mike and Andrew delivered a bedroom with a similar feel. Loads of very junior accessories mixed with older teen elements. Back then I found the styling confusing, and I hate to say it...I feel the same again with this room. What age group are they marketing towards? Oh, and a child would outgrow the Finding Nemo wallpaper pretty quickly...hope it comes off easily.

All of the pieces of furniture and colours in this room are fantastic, then you take a look closer. The bookshelves are really clever and provide loads of storage, however they're filled with books for adults, not kids...and this is clearly a room for kids. This let the room down for me. If you're going to commit to designing a kids room...go all the way.

I love the amount of space they've been able to create by lifting the bed up off the floor...any kid would be happy to claim this room as their own. I'm not convinced this was the best room of the week, but it's certainly the most memorable. I think Mark and Duncan still have a little ways to go perfecting their styling. This is the All Stars after all. I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of their house and style develop.

Josh and Jenna
Third placed this week was Josh and Jenna's second bedroom. Stepping up their new paired back design, Josh and Jenna have created a more dramatic room which definitely has more appeal than their previous reveal. On first glance, I really like this room. Despite the cool colours, it has a real warmth to it.

This week, the judges criticised Josh and Jenna for using too small a mirror. There's no doubt the mirror is the "right size" for above the fireplace, however I feel like it really needs a frame to give it some importance in the room. While the circular mirror really worked in their first bedroom; this one falls a bit flat.

The sheer grey curtains puddling on the floor add a sense of luxury, as do the dark timber floors. bed frame and side table. The view from this angle is really sophisticated, and the quirky art gives the room a sense of humour.

Turn around, and the view from the bed appears to be a completely different room.  I don't know...it looks like they ran out of time and inspiration. Push the palm closer to the fireplace and pop up some colourful art, and it would look finished. Following the judging, Josh and Jenna were quite bitter, which was disappointing. The judges know what they're talking about and have years of experience behind them...listen.

Dan and Dani
Last placed couple for the week was once again Dan and Dani. I really feel like they were hard done by here. This room looks beautiful! The colours are consistent with their first room reveal...soothing greys, whites and teals, and it's quite clear what their style direction is. So far, their house has a really nice flow.

Everything I've ever been taught about curtains has been thrown out the window here (pun intended). I'm not loving the one-sided curtain panel at all. It looks completely unbalanced unfortunately. The window would have looked more dramatic with the curtain panels hung wider than the window, with a wider pelmet framing the top.

Dan and Dani have forgone their signature upholstered headboard this week, for this sleek and simple timber number. The white really pops against the grey, and I love how it extends beyond the bed, highlighting the side tables and bedside lamps. The teal ombre quilt cover is an excellent choice (yes indeedy, I'd have that in my bedroom), with the graphic navy print cushions adding loads of drama and contrast. Love it.

I'm so happy that Dan and Dani took the time this week to pay respect to the heritage features in this home. They've still been able to deliver a room that is true to their style, without compromising those all important original elements. Love that they've taken advantage of the picture rail! That oversized photograph looks amazing. I'm really looking forward to seeing their bathroom next week.

Which is your favourite room for the week? Do you agree with the judges?

Stay tuned for next week, as the couples tackle the main bathrooms...or as they say on The Block...HELL WEEK! Loads of drama ahead for sure.

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