Friday, February 15, 2013

The Block All Stars | Week 1 Bedroom reveal

I love The Block. It is absolutely one of my favourite shows of the year.  It's the one show when everyone else in the house mustn't talk to me...or stand in front of the television, as my children are prone to do. When they announced that this season would feature past contestants, I was worried. Would it be the same ol' same ol'?
Heck no! I am 100% addicted already. The four couples; Phil and Amity (season 1), Mark and Duncan (season 3), Josh and Jenna (season 4) and Dan and Dani (season 5); are a really great mix! The personalities work well together...wonder if there'll be any fireworks?  The Block All Stars are back at Bondi, and the contestants are renovating and restoring the most beautiful heritage-listed terrace homes.  I would absolutely relish the opportunity to tackle one of those homes! The next few weeks are going to be a whirlwind of fun challenges, innovate design and room reveals...and once again I'll be doing a weekly wrap up (because I'm a crazy Blockoholic that way!).

This week, the couples tackled the front bedrooms...restoring original details such as the window and door hardware, ornate cornices, fireplaces and more...whilst still showcasing their individual creative goes...

Phil and Amity
Bright and breezy...this was my favourite of this week's reveal. The pale timber floors and light wall colour make this room seem so spacious!

The teal and red floral Peony bedding give this room a real punch, and I love the crocheted cushions...they add a real nanna-chic, homely feel...and can't you just picture those sheer curtains gently moving in the restful.

The judges commented that the mirror didn't suit the style of the room...I tend to agree. It's a gorgeous mirror, and I would have it in my home in a heartbeat, however it seems a little out of place with the rest of the decor.

Out of all of the wardrobes this week, this one is my favourite. A full length mirror is an essential, and the detail on the translucent doors compliments the overall design.  Hidden behind the mirrored door, is a television...which I love. I often fall asleep to the sound of the tv, and I'm glad Phil and Amity recognised that others love watching tv in bed too. The only thing I would add to the room would be a rug to soften up the room. Phil and Amity put together a gorgeous first room, and I can't wait to see how they transform the rest of the house. PS. I might have to go and purchase that bedding!

Mark and Duncan
I was seriously surprised by the tradies room reveal! You can really see that they've been studying design in the off season. Textured dark grey wallpaper with a checker plate pattern covers the wall below the plate rail, with a dark grey painted above. Together with the black, white and yellow accents, this is a seriously striking room.

The boys have taken a little inspiration from Alice in Wonderland here, with the oversized arm chair, and clock. Both are great pieces, however I would have chosen one or the other. They seem to over power the room a little.  On a positive...the small pops of yellow really lift this space, adding much needed warmth.

I love all the chrome and mirrored accents that they've repeated throughout this bedroom. From the "WOW" factor ceiling fan, to the mirrored bedside tables and horizontal mirror hung above the bed. Even the oversized chair has bling buttoned detail! I cannot go past the arygle print inspired doona cover...just lovely! The boys have done well to combine masculine and feminine elements in this room.

Mark and Duncan chose a more traditional style built-in wardrobe, with the doors replicating the detail of the original bedroom door.  The boys were the only "couple" to actually restore the door and window hardware, and I think this will pay of big those original elements. You can see that they really care about the house's history and have paid respect to it. Well done lads on your first reveal! I can't wait to see what else you have in store.

Josh and Jenna
This week's room reveal winners! The judges commented that this room felt restrained...perhaps a little too restrained. It's a hard call. It's certainly a lovely room, though for me it lacks a little punch. What do you think?

The styling above the fireplace is lovely...a simple mirror, a trio of glass vessels and greenery. Not too overdone. It's a room where you could easily add your own personality.  On twitter, it was mentioned that the quirkiness was missing. Josh and Jenna replied that quirkiness doesn't sell. I guess they've learned not to add too much of their own personality for the sake of the buyer.

The addition of the rug under the bed was a great choice...breaking up the hardwood floors. This is what I would have liked to have seen in Phil and Amity's room. As a last minute decision, Josh and Jenna removed the feet from the bed so that the bedside tables were the correct height. Such a shame! The bed doesn't look finished at all. I would have replaced those non-functional bedside tables instead.

Sheer neutral curtains and wall to wall built in wardrobes complete the room. Unlike the other contestants who installed white wardrobes, Josh and Jenna selected a natural timber look.  Neil Jacobs suggested during judging that the door handles seemed out of place, and a "touch open" system would suit it better. I agree. You can see that Josh and Jenna's style has changed from their previous turn on The Block and I'll be interested to see how the rest of their house will pan out.

Dani and Dan
Last but not least...literally. Dan and Dani placed last with a record breaking lowest score of 14. Looking at these shots, you will definitely love their room, however on judgement night, so many things looked rushed or were unfinished. Hopefully they can get their act together for the rest of the house.

If you watched last season of The Block, you may recognise Dan and Dani's style immediately...grey walls, upholstered headboard, same style of wardrobe, same style of curtains, and even the same artist used for the room's artwork.  This lost them points, which is a real sham because the room really works. It's still fresh and appealing.

I would definitely have this room in my own home...with one exception. The bedside tables. A chair and a stool do not make for great bedside storage. Sure it looks fun, but it's completely impractical. I do love that they chose to install carpet in the bedroom...the only couple to do so. Hardwood floors may look fabulous, but when you slide out of bed first thing in the morning, there's nothing better than the feeling of soft carpet under your feet.

As I said...I love this room. With a little more attention to detail, and respect given to the period features, Dan and Dani will be back on top in no time.  I just hope they can lift their game a little so that we're not just seeing a rehash of last season.

There you have it! Week 1 of The Block All Stars done and dusted. Have you picked a favourite couple yet...and which is your favourite room?

The next bedroom will be revealed by the contestants on Sunday night, and I can't wait!!

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