Thursday, February 7, 2013

Aussie Curves | Swimwear

Each and every week, the Aussie Curves challenges become more and more...well...challenging. I guess that's the point. To push us out of our comfort zone. To embrace every aspect of being a plus size woman, and every social situation we might find ourselves in. This week, it's swimwear...
For the longest time, I have avoided wearing a swimsuit in public...denying myself the joy of swimming in the water...something I used to do constantly as a child/teenager. The bigger I've become, the more I've hidden myself. Given that I'm heading off on a cruise next week (yay!), I definitely had to find a swimsuit that I like. I usually choose black, but I couldn't pass up the detail on the top of this maroon one.
I've taken inspiration from Danimezza's Swim look book, and added a statement necklace, bangles and ring to my outfit...yes, swimwear can be an outfit too! Can't you just see me sitting on the deck of the cruise ship, sipping cocktails while the sun sets...ahhhh....bliss.
A light-weight kaftan is a stylish way to cover up your swimmers. I feel a lot more confident walking along the beach/poolside with my bits disguised, and this one is so comfortable. Love the neutral tie-dye pattern too.
What I wore...
Swimsuit | TS14+
Kaftan | Autograph
Accessories | Equip and Lovisa
Sunglasses | gift from hubby

Ladies, don't put off going to the beach a minute longer. You can be comfortable and stylish in your swimwear...whatever your size.

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