Thursday, February 21, 2013

5 tips for decorating your outdoor entertaining space

Brought to you by Target Australia

The last couple of weeks have been a hive of activity at the Warren house, with the long-awaited installation of our pergola! Twelve years we've been waiting people...12 years!! To say we're thrilled is an understatement. Not only does it mean that we'll have a large expanse of shaded/protected area in the backyard, it also means that we can FINALLY entertain outdoors. I'm so excited! Oh, the possibilities. What's's an opportunity to put my decorating hat on! With a little help from Target Australia, here's how we've decorated our entertaining area...
Your outdoor area is a great place to have fun with your home design. It's more than a patio with a bit of's an outdoor room! It's a space that can definitely be taken a little less seriously.

1. Think colour
The Warren house features various shades of blue, and I wanted to continue this outside...but with a lot more oomph! You may have guessed already that I'm a big fan of teal. I may have swooned when I first saw the new Target Dotty dinnerware range. Shades of teal with zesty lime and pops of white...yes please! Have you ever looked at a catalogue and thought "I'll have one of everything"? Me too! I had to restrain myself a little. lol.

First stop...tableware. The fabulous green colour and pattern of Target's Marseille goblets caught my eye instantly. They scream party and entertaining for sure. I may have to go back and purchase the matching Marseille tumblers too.
Our current dinnerware (a wedding gift) has seen better days, so it was a perfect opportunity to invest in a new set! Target's Modern Living dinner set in tori blue coordinates perfectly with our existing serving platters, and suits our outdoor space as well! The stoneware is thick and essential for outdoor entertaining and everyday living.

2. Think comfort
Sitting for hours on end on a hard timber chair can get a little uncomfortable on the tush. I've solved this problem by adding some colourful cushions that coordinate beautifully with the tableware. I searched through Target's bedding and home decor sections for these lovelies. The Real Living "Jemima" cushion is sold as an accessory to the matching quilt cover, however I think it looks perfectly at home outdoors as well! I chose the Austin Shaggy cushion because, well, it looked and felt fun! Why not.
You can never have enough beach towels in your house in my humble opinion...especially when they have a chevron design! Target towels are so soft to the touch. I can already see the kids pulling the towel and pillows out onto the grass to lie down and read a book. When they're not serving their purpose outside, they'll decorate our lounge us more value for money.

3. Think practical
Target has loads of colourful kitchenware solutions available, so there's no need to stick to the standard white. These Modern Living battery operated salt and pepper grinders were a great find. The surface has a silicone feel, and won't shatter if dropped (which happens when you're outdoors). I discovered after putting the batteries in that a light turns on when you press the button...we'll be okay should we have a blackout mid salt and peppering! lol.
The most practical part of all the pieces I purchased from Target is that they didn't break the bank. If something does happen to get damaged or broken, I won't be crying about it. I know I can replace it without feeling guilty about it.

4. Think multi-purpose
When you're purchasing items for your outdoor entertaining space, make sure they suit the interior of your home as well! You'll feel much happier if you use them more often, rather than the few times a year when you entertain guests.
When not filled with water (or perhaps margheritas), the blue bubble jug will be filled with fresh flowers. The green bubble bowl will get a work out nearly every night filled with fresh salads; while the Marrakesh peacock serving plate will look gorgeous sitting in the middle of our dining table...just because.

5. Think outside the square
Don't just reserve artwork for inside your home...your outdoor space deserves beautiful art too! You'll find loads of options in Target's home decor section; framed prints, subway art and painted canvas in many colours and designs.This delightful dandelion canvas practically jumped into my trolley! It definitely brightens up the dark exterior brick wall, and adds a sense of fun and whimsy. If anything, it will be a great talking point. As it's hung under the pergola, I'm not concerned about it being exposed to the elements. A wipe over occasionally is all the maintenance this piece will need.
There you have it...outdoor entertaining made easy with Target homewares. Most the products featured above are currently on sale! Head on into Target and make your outdoor space home too.
Now...who should we invite over for lunch first?

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