Saturday, January 26, 2013

Celebrating Australia Day 2013 with a bit of sand scultpure

It's Australia Day. A day to celebrate this great nation, join in the community spirit, and head to the beach!  Shellharbour City Council host an Australia Day breakfast by Lake each year, and it's a fantastic family day out. Early morning breakfast by the beach (for only $4!), great live music and rides for the kids.

One of the fun events organised by the Council, is the sand sculpture competition. Armed with buckets and spades, and a few other bits and bobs, the kids headed to their age groups and got to work. Eme and her friend Blake participated in the "7 and under" group, and decided they wanted to build an octopus. After marking out their territory by constructing a sand wall around their area; they then started building up their octopus' head.  Their tip for the close to the water's edge so that the sand is nice and moist for modelling!
Once the legs were done, it was time to decorate with their secret weapon...coloured hairspray! Here's the finished product. Doesn't it look fantastic! Eme and Blake did a fantastic job. The judges were mighty impressed by the coloured legs, and the happy face. lol. It even had shells for eyelids...very inventive.
Seth and his mate Jack (Blake's brother) competed in the "8-11 years" group, and started out making a whale...then changed their mind halfway through. The end result...a stingray, complete with red straw stinger. Loads of coloured hairspray here too, and a mix of real and faux green seaweed around the outside. The boys were pretty proud of their creation.
Judging time. There were plenty of worthy entries, so competition was tough.  Eme and Blake won 2nd prize! They were so excited, they practically ran to the stage. Half way there, they announced that Seth and Jack won first prize in their group! Hooray!! Between them, they won $80, so they split it evenly four ways. Here they are with the Mayor, receiving their prizes...dripping wet from swimming in the lake.
Australia Day is always so much fun, and it's essential that you wear something patriotic! Just so you know I'm not always fashionably dressed and accessorised from head to's my outfit of choice for the day. Shorts, Aussie t-shirt, wide-brimmed optional. Perfect. lol
How did you celebrate Australia Day?

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