Thursday, January 24, 2013

Aussie Curves | Texture

Welcome to another round of Aussie Curves, where texture is the challenge for the week! Texture is a tricky one for the plus size do you achieve a textured look, without adding bulk?
Through layering of course! For me, texture is achieved by combining different fabrics and patterns, then adding accessories on top.
For this look, I am wearing a variety of fabrics...jersey, satin, lace, lyrca and knits. The satin fabric on the skirt of this dress is soft and flowing, which contrasts nicely with the fitted jersey top and lyrca leggings. A soft satin bow is tied loosely around my waist and drapes down my side, adding extra texture.
Once again, I've pulled out my favourite teal cardigan to add to my outfit. I swear, City Chic should re-release this one in every colour under the rainbow! Lace and knits is a winning combo in my book.
Now to add more texture through my accessories. The pattern of this green python clutch bag compliments my dress nicely...drawing out the black and teal colours from the print. The pleated detail and faux buckle closure on the front, add even more character to my overall outfit. Love it! What's's big enough to hold my purse, phone and keys...all of the essentials for a day out. Who said you have to use a bulky handbag every day...especially when clutch purses, such as this one, are so cute, functional and affordable!
The texture of my outfit is further emphasised by this multi-strand, beaded necklace. I've also popped on a couple of fun embossed metal yellow zebra print bangle, and yellow resin honeycomb bangle. I'm so thrilled that both of these bangles slid over my hand! So many times I've tried on bangles and been disappointed that they're too small. These ones fit perfectly. If you're going to wear a couple of bangles, try mixing up the width and pattern...the colour will unify them, and they will still retain their beautiful individuality.
To complete my look, I've popped on an oversized orange ring, and colourful sandals with pleated detail...once again taking inspiration from the colours of my outfit.
There you have it...texture from head to toe, without the bulk.
What I wore...
Dress | City Chic
Cardigan | City Chic
Leggings | TS14+
Sandals | Emerson for Big W
Necklace & earrings | Diva
Ring | Colette
Bangles | Fashion Addict (gifted)
Clutch handbag | Fashion Addict (gifted)

Remember - texture doesn't have to mean lumpy's all about the layers.

Disclaimer: I was provided with complimentary product by Fashion Addict for review purposes. No payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely mine.

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