Monday, January 28, 2013

Aussie Curves | Purple

A couple of weeks ago, the family and I were on a family outing to the Illawarra Fly. It was so beautiful and foggy. I happened to be wearing purple.  What better time to capture this week's Aussie Curves theme!  Like many women, purple is a scary colour for me. I don't tend to wear lots of it for fear of looking like Grimace. I once said this to my children, and they had no idea who I was talking about! Talk about feeling ancient...but I's this week's pics...
There are so many colours in this versatile tunic. Just by adding accessories, you can change the entire look! The top features stripes of purple and teal, while the bottom is mainly coral and maroon.
By wearing a bright purple necklace, the purple in the tunic becomes the feature colour. I've balanced out my outfit by adding loads of teal. Have you guessed that this is my current favourite?
I love this multi-strand beaded necklace. Despite it's volume, it's quite a light piece to wear.  After popping on a cluster of purple and gold bangles, I thought wearing a purple ring as well would have been too hot pink it is. It's a nice contrast against the purple and teal.
Can you still see me?! lol. The fog was so thick while we were walking on the Fly, you could barely see the other end of the path. The view was non-existent. It really was the perfect day for a walk through the treetops.
What I wore...
Tunic | Autograph
Leggings | Autograph
Cardigan | City Chic
Sandals | Emerson for Big W
Accessories | Diva and Equip

Looking back on my photos, I feel like I haven't taken this challenge far enough, and I'm going to attempt it again! Stay tuned for later in the week.

I also just realised that I wore my favourite cardigan and those teal sandals in last week's texture post. See! They really are versatile pieces. Do you own a piece of clothing you love so much, you wear it all the time? I week I'll wear something different. :-)

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