Monday, January 7, 2013

Aussie Curves | Feathers

Hello my lovelies! Thanks for joining me for another week of Aussie Curves. Can you believe we're up to the 23rd challenge already?!  This week certainly is a challenge...we're talking feathers. I'm not a fan of actual feathers on clothing...printed feathers are okay, but the real's a bit too bohemian for me.  Mind you, I don't mind a feathered accessory or two...
For this week's challenge, I'm wearing a light weight kaftan, which is meant to be worn as a "cover up" over your swimmers. By adding a slip dress and leggings underneath, I've given this kaftan a new identity as an every day item of clothing.  When you're shopping for clothing, don't dismiss items because of their "intended" purpose. Think outside the square to expand your wardrobe.
The butterfly print on my kaftan has a feathery feel to it, and the fabric feels as light as a feather too! Sheer fabrics in summer are a must, particularly during this heat wave we're experiencing on the east coast of Australia.
During the Christmas/New Year sales, I purchased a few fun feathery pieces for next to nothing...a leather wrap for my hair, dangly earrings, and the most fun cocktail ring I've ever owned.'s the most impractical ring known to man, but I had to own it (you know that feeling?). Accessories are the cheapest way you can update your wardrobe...especially during the sales. For very little outlay, you can take an outfit from drab to fab!
Remember last week when I said that you should avoid shoes with ankle straps? Well yeah, forget that. Rules are meant to be broken. These sandals were just too adorable not to wear! Oh, and if one more person mentions that they look like Christmas trees, I might just go mental. lol. This week I've swapped out the teal toenails for orange...a shade that matches the orange highlights on my kaftan perfectly.
So, 23 weeks in...have you been inspired to step outside what you normally wear? I know I have. There is no way I would have bought this kaftan 23 weeks ago! I'm so glad I did...
What I wore...
Kaftan | Autograph
Slip dress | Autograph
Leggings | Best and Less
Sandals | Emerson for Big W
Accessories | Equip

Are you becoming bolder in your plus size fashion choices?  Perhaps you're embracing colour, or feeling more confident? Let me know in the comments below.  How have my Aussie Curves posts inspired you?

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