Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lisa's favourite things for Christmas 2012...

It's that time of year, when the questions start pouring in (particularly from my hubby)...what do you want for Christmas? After some considerable thought, I've decided I don't really NEED for anything, however here's a few pretties that I've been coveting...
Lisa's favourite things for Christmas 2012
1. Perhaps one or two of these cute timber storage trays for my craft room.
2. A pretty yellow vase would look lovely in our living room.
3. A mason jar drink dispenser would be perfect for hosting parties.
4. Portable storage for my craft my favourite shade of teal.
5. A tripod and mount for my iphone...great for setting up photos for blogging.
6. You can't go wrong with a statement piece of costume jewellery.
7. The family calendar...a must each and every year for the family command centre!
8. A lemon-yellow crochet cushion for our new lounge.
9. ...and this blue jay cushion...doesn't it look lovely with the crochet cushion! Nanna chic.
10. A new teal purse...colourful and functional...perfect for replacing my purse which is falling apart.

Each of the items above are reasonably priced between $10-$80, and available within Australia. I don't expect to receive any or all of these goodies, however I hope it helps hubby make a decision. :-)

What are wishing for this Christmas? ...and don't say world peace.

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