Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Aussie Curves | Mixed patterns...

This week on Aussie Curves, we're mixing it up! Patterns that is.  For me, this is where my loves of fashion and scrapbooking combine. When you're used to combining loads of pretty patterned papers, you start to experiment with those same patterns in real life!
Tip 1: When mixing your patterns, use different sizes
Start with your base colour (in this case, orange), then combine your patterns. To ensure your patterns compliment each other, use different sized patterns, ie. small, medium and large.  A bold floral print, such as that of my top, looks much prettier when combined with a small polka dot. A large polka dot would compete and possibly clash with a bold floral such as this.  The colour orange has been carried through the base and the two patterns.
Tip 2: Add pattern through accessories
If you're not brave enough to wear mixed patterns in your base clothing (ie, a patterned top and bottom together), add pattern through your accessories! A light weight scarf is an inexpensive investment, looks great in summer, and adds extra sun protection to your neck.
Tip 3: When all else fails, just add black.
Black is a great grounding, neutral tone that will tie almost all colours and patterns together.
What I wore...
Top | Undercover Wear
Drill Shorts | Autograph
Jacket | Autograph
Scarf | Autograph
Wedge Heels | Payless Shoes
Necklace & Ring | Colette Accessories
Earrings | Diva

Tip 4: Just have fun with it!
Embrace patterns and mix them up to get new looks in your wardrobe. Check out how the Aussie Curves girls have mixed their patterns this week for even more inspiration.

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