Monday, November 19, 2012

Aussies Curves | Strapless

I have been dreading this week's challenge. Strapless clothing and I are not friends. Even though I own a few strapless dresses, I always, ALWAYS, wear something over the top to cover up my arms.  My sister reminded me though; this is a challenge. Aussies Curves has done so much for me in terms of boosting my confidence, and the love/hate relationship I have with my upper arms is just one more obstacle I need to face.  So, here goes...
So, why do I own strapless maxi dresses, if I'm not confident enough to bare my arms?  They're great for popping over the top of your swimmers in summertime. They're light and cool, and super comfortable...and easy to slip out of when you want to go for a dip.
When you're wearing a strapless dress, it's important to wear a really good strapless bra. Make sure you get yourself fitted by a professional. You want to ensure you're showing off your "assets" to the best of their ability. Too often women purchase the wrong size. When you're investing in a strapless bra, spend the little bit extra, and make sure your girls are looking their best. Take my advice...I had been wearing a 22D. Turns out...I'm an 18F!
Just because you're lounging by the pool, doesn't mean you should forgo the accessories! I love the earthy colours in this maxi...the browns and greys work really well together. A simple strand of neutral beads, and a cocktail ring give this outfit a casual, beachy vibe.
On a side note...don't you just love this location!  My sister took these photos for me inside the pool area at my parents' house. Growing up, my sister and I played in that pool every opportunity we could...spending hours perfecting our somersaults, and swimming like mermaids.  After forty years in this home, they are moving next weekend. I'm really going to miss our family home...and I'm seriously going to miss that view!

What I wore...
Maxi dress | Autograph (circa Summer 09/10)
Necklace | Emerson for BigW
Ring | Diva
Strapless bra | Triumph
Photography by Beth Tahiri Photography

I did it. I bared my arms for the world wide web and survived. I think I deserve a sticker!  Push yourself out of your comfort won't regret it.

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