Monday, November 5, 2012

Aussie Curves | Polka dots

This week's Aussie Curves challenge features the ever so humble polka dot....a classic design that never goes out of style...
I love polka dots. I once had a pair of black ballet flats with white polka dots, that I wore so often, they fell apart. I bought two more pairs of the exact same shoe, and I wore them to death as well! This week I'm sporting a high/low skirt (affectionately known as the "mullet" skirt), which has an irregular polka dot pattern.
I've teamed this casual skirt with a cream singlet top, my trusty denim jacket, and neutral accessories.
I've thrown on some cream sandals as well, to continue the casual look I was going for. I love all the different sizes and shapes of the polka dots on this sheer skirt.
This week, instead of wearing a belt around my upper torso like I normally do, I've hung it low on my hips instead, blousing the singlet top around my waist.
A simple messy side bun, and a little makeup finishes off my look. There you have it...a smart casual outfit, dressy enough to head out for the day, yet still comfortable and very wearable.
What I wore...
Polka dot skirt | Avella for Big W
Singlet top | Avella for Big W
Denim jacket | Autograph
Belt | Autograph
Sandals | Emerson for Big W
Necklace & bracelet | Emerson for Big W
Ring | Equip
Earrings | Colette
Are you a polka dot lover?

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