Monday, November 26, 2012

Aussie Curves | On the dark side...

Welcome to another week of Aussie Curves! This week, the Aussie Curves ladies have been challenged to visit the dark side. You can interpret that any way you like...colour, mood, attitude, location, time of day, or anything else that inspires you. For me, dark reminds me of what I wear to work...
I like to call my work wear, "casual corporate". Working in a regional location means dressing down. It's a more relaxed location, and the pace is a bit slower.  When I head up to the city, I pop a structured jacket or cardigan over the top, and throw on a scarf. Easy.
I wear my hair up every day...more often than not, in the messy "mum" bun. I've just invested in a large hair doughnut, and it literally takes just a couple of minutes to create a perfect bun in my hair! What a life/timesaver. Hair doughnuts come in various sizes and colours. Make sure you choose one in a colour  closest to your own hair colour...that way you won't notice the netting if a little bit happens to be showing.  My daughter has a hair doughnut as well, and it is way too small for my head size. It definitely pays to purchase one that is in proportion with your face...and will cope with your volume of hair!
For the last 12 months, I've needed to wear prescription glasses while using the computer. Thank goodness for Alex Perry's designs! I have two pairs...this black pair with blingy detail on the side, and a purple pair with purple rhinestone details.
If you've been following along my Aussie Curves posts, you'd know that I love my accessories...and yes, I do wear them in the workplace too. Usually I add a pop of colour, but for this challenge it's all about black on black...a fun, layered set of beads, with floral brooch attached...and a little bling detail with a statement cocktail ring.
Comfortable flat shoes are a must for walking around the office all day, but that doesn't mean they need to lack detail. I love these shoes by Ecco. I wear them all the time!  The floral detail adds just enough quirkiness to keep me happy.
What I wore...
Top | Kmart (previous season)
Skirt | Autograph
Shoes | Ecco
Necklace | gift from a friend
Ring | Diva
Reading glasses | Alex Perry for Specsavers
Hair doughnut | Diva

There you have dark work wear.  What would you wear for the "dark" challenge?

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