Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What do you mean you can't find them?

I will admit. Our house can be chaotic and disorganised at times...but today...oh are testing my patience! I often brag to hubby that things run so smoothly in the mornings when I run the show...two days a week.  I got too cocky.
This morning started out great. Seth was up super early to watch cartoons, while I jumped in the shower. All good. He tells me he forgot to do his times tables last night, but that's okay, there's plenty of time this morning...after Johnny Test finishes.  I walk through the house gathering clothing for everyone for the day, and wake up Eme. That's when it all turned to poop.

Seth decides to watch another tv show. I'm okay with long as he's doing his times tables at the same time...but first he has to get dressed. He can't find his school shoes. What?? They're all kept in a shoe box right next to the entertainment unit. How can they go missing? I also can't find his school shorts. "They're in the toyroom!"...Seth advises. Ok, yeah, because that's where they're stored.

I spend the next 40 minutes searching the house...still wrapped in a towel from my shower. Those bloody shoes are no where to be found! Our house is tidy (thanks to the Organised Housewife). I search the kitchen (yes), dining room, all three bedrooms, the toy room, bathroom, living room, laundry...I move on, and decide he's wearing his black dress shoes. Grunts and groans ensue because he won't be able to kick the soccer ball around. I think that's punishment enough.

Eme's turn. She's having a great time brushing Barbie and The Little Mermaid's hair...and has requested bread with butter for breakfast. Who am to argue? I'm still in my towel. One problem...there's only a scrape of butter left! I do my best with what's there and go and get dressed.

I return to find Eme has eaten her "breakfast" and has brushed her teeth (good girl)...squeezing what looks to be half a tube of toothpaste down her school jumper. Grrrrrr!!! Seth's turn is next. Somehow he manages to spit toothpaste all over his left shoulder, down his shirt sleeve, and onto his collar! How the heck does that happen? Was he spinning around in circles while brushing??!

Oh crap! I forgot to make lunches!! Looks like it's lunch orders today...we're out of butter anyway. Dry bread with vegemite just won't do. I'm not exactly making bento boxes here, but they need more than that!

It's time to go...where's your hat? Have you got your lunch order? Is the front door locked? Every morning is a game of 20 questions before we pile in the car. The kids make it to school on time, and I head to work for a rest.

Rant over. How was your morning?

EDITED Wednesday afternoon:

Everybody stop looking!

This afternoon, hubby conducted a more thorough search, and happened to find the missing school shoes.

"Where were they?" ask.

Underneath a neck pillow, halfway under his sister's bed of course!

Why didn't I think to look there??

CASE CLOSED. Now, where is the missing school jacket?

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