Friday, October 5, 2012

I am going to Chicago!

Alternative title: The power of positive thinking.
Attending BlogHer is a dream of mine. One that I'm aiming to make a reality next year in Chicago. I have warned hubby that I will be talking about going...a lot. I will be acting as if I am going. As I said...the power of positive thinking.

What is the BlogHer '13?
BlogHer is one of the largest blogging conferences in the world. Each year, 3,000+ bloggers attend! Incredible right!! I want to go so that I can learn new skills, improve my media relationships, increase my network, and learn how to better serve both you and the brands I represent. The added bonus is being able to meet the people behind the blogs I've been reading for years. BlogHer '13 will be held 25-27 July 2013 at the Sheraton Chicago, USA.

As you can appreciate, heading overseas can be very expensive (running into the thousands), and I don't want to unnecessarily burden my family with the cost.  I have a plan.
  1. Seek sponsorship from major brands
  2. Continue doing sponsored blog posts
  3. Create my own opportunities
No. 3 is where you come in!

Are you a blogger who wants to jazz up your blog's look, but can't afford the cost of an expensive designer?

From today, I will be offering my design services to you! Here's the skinny...
  • Custom blog header --> $50
  • Coordinating blog button --> $15
  • Coordinating Facebook cover --> $15
  • Coordinating blog background --> $15
  • Sidebar labels --> $20 (up to 8 labels; $5 per label after that)
  • Blog tidy up --> $50 (see Trish's blog, which I recently "pinked" for Pink Ribbon Day...updated header, new sidebar labels, and sidebar tidy up)
  • Business cards --> $50
  • Blog signature --> $5
  • Blog favicon --> $5
  • Social media buttons --> $10
  • Etsy header --> $50
  • iPhone wallpaper --> $10
  • other stuff not listed ---> just ask and I'll see what I can do!
Step up your blogging provide the content; I'll make it pretty and professional.
  • Custom media kit --> $100
  • eBook design and edit --> $100
Each design will be an original, and will not be resold. I will work with you to achieve a look that you're truly happy with...and the turn around time will be one week (maybe earlier..time permitting).  I will do the installation, test that all links are working properly, and do all the messy html work, so that you don't have to.

This offer is open internationally, and all prices quoted are in Australian dollars.  Payment must be made via paypal prior to work commencing.

As a thank you, I will display your blog button on my blog to further advertise your blog!

If you're interested, please drop me an email and we'll get to work. Feel free to tell your friends!

Every dollar I earn through blogging will go towards achieving my goal of attending BlogHer '13. Wish me luck!

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