Thursday, October 25, 2012

CanTeen's National Bandana Day 2012 | Media Release

Each year about 18,000 12-24 year-olds are confronted with a cancer diagnosis – whether it is their own or that of a parent, brother or sister. These shocking facts mean that thousands of young people have to come to terms with a cancer diagnosis on top of dealing with regular teen issues such as body image and peer pressure. 

A cancer diagnosis causes fear and uncertainty and can threaten the security of a young person’s world, leaving them feeling vulnerable, frightened, confused and alone. 

CanTeen is the only National charity dedicated to helping young people fight cancer, no matter what their cancer experience. CanTeen’s work empowers young people to take back control of their lives. Jessica, a CanTeen Patient Member who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at age 15, says “When you get diagnosed with cancer, all the thoughts in your mind are rushed, panicked and scared. You start stressing about your hair falling out, the school lessons you're missing out on, and - most of all – being afraid to lose your life.”

CanTeen’s major annual event National Bandanna Day is taking place on Friday 26 October. During the month of October we are asking all Australians to buy and wear a bandanna to show young people that you support their fight against cancer, and that you will not let cancer be the boss of them. 

“Having cancer definitely impacted me emotionally - I didn’t know anyone else like me and my friends didn’t really understand,” said Jessica. “It was hard to understand it myself. I used to write a lot about how I felt, but just reading over it made me so confused and I thought I was the only one who was going through it. Joining CanTeen was a big step for me but I was welcomed and made friends easily. I met other people who had gone through cancer and survived, and people who were dealing with it in other ways. It helped me realise that I'm not an outcast and most definitely not alone.”

With the help of funds raised on National Bandanna Day, now in its 18th year, CanTeen will continue to run vital counselling and support programs as well as work to establish special youth cancer centres and services to help young people rebel against cancer.

“CanTeen helps these young people cope with the shock, disbelief, anger and fear as they encounter hospitals, treatment and uncertainty of life. These mixed emotions can throw young people completely off balance and have a devastating impact on their transition from childhood to adulthood. Young people learn how to deal with living with cancer – whether it is their own cancer or that of a parent, brother or sister or if they are dealing with the death of someone close to them,” said Peter Orchard, Chief Executive Officer.

“Every year more young people’s lives are turned upside down by cancer. Throughout CanTeen’s programs, the bandanna is the symbol young people use to show they are fighting cancer, and that they are in the fight together,” said Peter. “By buying and wearing a CanTeen bandanna you can show young people that you support their fight against cancer, and that you will not let cancer be the boss of them.”

This year there are five new bandanna designs on sale and a lapel pin. CanTeen’s bandannas sell for $4, pens $3 and the lapel pins $5. All items will be on sale at Woolworths, Woolworths Petrol, Wendy’s, Super Cheap Auto, BCF, Goldcross, Ray’s Outdoors, Rebel Sport, Newslink, and GNC Live Well as well as street stalls nationally on CanTeen’s National Bandanna Day, Friday 26th  October.

CanTeen needs your support to help young people show cancer who’s boss.

For more information visit: or call 1800 226 833.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post...just a cause I'm passionate about.

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