Monday, September 24, 2012

Aussie Curves | Stripes...

This week's Aussie Curves challenge is stripes! Whoever said that larger women shouldn't wear stripes was totally wrong. Horizontal or vertical, wide stripes or's all just need to pick a stripe that suits you and your body type.
I was really looking forward to this challenge! There are so many stripey options available for plus size woman at the moment. I spied this skirt at Autograph recently, and just knew I could make it work with my casual, layered style.
I've paired the black and grey thick striped skirt with a grey tiered tank top and short sleeved denim jacket.
I do love grey and black, but now that it's Spring, I need more colour. A bright orange and white scarf lifts my outfit...and adds to the striped theme.
The orange doesn't stop oversized orange cocktail ring and coordinating earrings, continues the colour pop. do a pair of orange wedge heels, and painted toe nails.
There we have it...stripes that work. In fact, I think the horizontal stripes in this outfit look slimming. You don't need to be frightened of stripes as a plus size woman at all!
What I wore...
Skirt | Autograph
Tank top | Autograph
Denim Jacket | Autograph
Shoes | Payless
Scarf | Big W
Ring | Colette

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Trend | Stripes
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